First Thoughts on Ep 601 & London Premiere Red Carpet Video…


Ohhh kaaaayyy – I just saw Episode 601, and I can’t reveal anything, of course, except to say it was very good. And, that Mark Lewis Jones (Tom Christie) is a frigging powerhouse! I can’t wait to watch it again and to discuss it with the BTS Lasses!

Here is the red carpet video from today, with some mysterious new folks to find out about! 


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22 comments on “First Thoughts on Ep 601 & London Premiere Red Carpet Video…

  1. Lucky you! I watched the red carpet and saw the woman playing “Amy,” and felt a little sad. (Because of Bees) Looking forward to watching it next Sunday with my gang of Hudson Highlanders! Can’t wait for you and the lasses to discuss EVERYTHING!🌞🌻

    • Saw the red carpet and it was so great to see the Outlander cast together again. Excited to see the first episode and what follows! Looking forward to your discussions! The Droughtlander is finally over!!!!

  2. I watched the Red Carpet interviews from Starz on Facebook. It was REALLY interesting but I was a little disappointed that the young lady doing the interviews DIDN’T announce who the new characters were when she started talking to them. You’re left to speculate about who they MIGHT be. I ‘think’ we may have met Mr. and Mrs. Bug and possibly Bobby Higgins? I guess we will all know in a couple more weeks – LOL! Like all your other fans, I can’t wait for your discussion with the other BTS Lasses on this coming season!

    • We did meet at least Mrs Bug last season. She thought Claire was losin it for baking all those loaves and she described the Irish fellow who gave Jemmy a coin while they were in town.

  3. If you have the video from Q & A that would be great to see. I was lucky enough to get a tix to Red Carpet and Q & A, but video kept cutting out and stopping so much that I couldn’t hear any answers. The show played just fine tho…

  4. I love the background music. It will be interesting to know the reaction of Outlander’s many fans when Season 6 hits the TV screen. When I watch Season 1 as compared to Seasons 2 to 5, and the changes and challenges faced by Jamie and Claire, I wonder where did the young and naïve Jamie and Claire disappear to. I love the energy of Outlander, full of life and many interesting personalities. Never a dull moment with the Fraser clan.

  5. Thank you, Courtney for making the Red Carpet available to us starving fans!
    I think the actors were just as excited to take part in this event as we were to see them Do you send a reminder when its time to renew our patron subscription? I don’t remember what month I joined. Anne in NoHo

  6. I love Mark Lewis Jones in anything Ive seen him in. Just a fabulous actor and from that short exchange he has with Jamie, its plain to see he’s perfect for the part. I like Alex Vlahos too and am excited to see Jessica for the first time!!

  7. I was so excited to see it all. The beginning kept cutting out and I missed the first five minutes, but was able to see the rest. I’m looking forward to seeing it all on March 6.
    I too was a little sad to see Amy, but no spoilers here!

  8. Thank you for posting the red carpet event. It was clear to see the excitement that everyone had to see each other again……to gather together…to celebrate….to share. Cesar hoping people will like his performance ( of course we will Cesar….don’t worry) ; Paul Gorman in his kilt… ( wore it proudly, of course); Diana G. herself…wow..she looks as if she could just keep on writing another 10 books… ( keep going Diana, we will read them all); and of course everyone else. Well done !!! And this:
    I can’t wait to see Mark Lewis Jones vs Sam Heughan in their roles together on one screen!!! Bring it!

  9. Thanks for posting the music session. The one thing I was missing. I was lucky enough to get a virtual ticket and really enjoyed everything. I am looking forward to watching it again and awaiting the discussion. Which honestly I enjoy as much (almost!) as I do the show. I have re-watched all the discussions along with the seasons while prepping for S 6. Thank you.

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