Fun BTS from Caitriona + Sam and Cait Twitter Q&A Highlights

Cover photo: Caitriona Balfe, S5 Outlander, Twitter, caption: Missing this group of delinquents right now !! ⁦

Cait just put these up on Twitter, so wanted to share. 

Mother and daughter…


Heat wave and eating hair!


The Fersali family…


And, from the Beardsley episode, it appears that the maggots cast for this scene are very real indeed… 😩😫

Sam and Cait both did recent Twitter Q&A’s. Here are some highlights – 


Q: where are you spending the confinement? And where would you like to spend it?

Sam: Thanks for asking, I’m in Hawaii. Came here before travel ban. Rather concerned to return to UK. Certainly safer here for now. Hope you’re safe and your family too!x

Q: have you read S6 scripts yet?
Sam: We have started… Ep 1!!! So excited. But you’re going to love the rest of this season.

Q: Favorite episode of Season 5 and why?????
Sam: Ep7… for me, I had an influence in the storyline. Plus got to work with all my friends and the wonderful Duncan LaCroix

Q: You said that you and Caitríona received your producer credits later in the season so your influence isn’t evident until later. Since we’re halfway through, I’m wondering what episode you both started having that influence
Sam: Most collaboration in last Ep. But we were involved from beginning in a way. Next weeks Ep is a big one for me (Jamie)

Q: We’ve seen the audition tape of you & Cait. Ron, Maril & Matt have all said that when they saw your solo audition tape they knew they had found Jamie. Ron said they couldn’t release the tape without your permission. Will you give an okay to release it?
Sam: Would love to! If I can see it first

Q: How long did it take for you to practice the Highland Fling?
Sam: The wonderful @ginger_jasper taught me in two sessions… she’s very talented. It’s harder than it looks, especially if @caitrionambalfe is watching!

Q: Jamie or Sam which is the most bossy? poor Rogiii
Sam: JAMIE! For sure…. haha

A shot of the whole gang…

David Berry, Sophie, Sam, Ginger Jasper (the one who taught Sam the Highland Fling) and boyfriend, Duncan

Most frequently used emojis:

Q: Have you started training for the NY marathon?
Sam: I have but let’s see what happens. Trying to stay active but careful too.

Q: when can we see SAS Red Notice?
Sam: It’s finished!!! They’re selling it now. Hopefully soon!

Q: You are an actor and now also a producer… Can you see yourself writing any scripts too?
Sam: Producing a few projects and am writing something right now!

Sam on the set of Bloodshot – he got Vin Diesel using a fan!! 😂😅 (as they do on the set of Outlander, to cool off)

Q: Other states for your whiskey in the US?
Sam: Check out More states available.

Q: if your acting career had not worked out what other profession would you have chosen?
Sam: Chef. Athlete. Barman. Ninja

Q: Sam, who taught you how to cook?
Sam: My mum. She was a great cook. Always organic and healthy. I spoke to her today. It’s Mother’s Day. I can’t go home and see her as she’s older and could be dangerous. However she’s happy and staying healthy. And still cooking!x

Q: Favorite cake flavor or type of cake??
Sam: Carrot… chocolate?

Sam: Loved speaking to you all! What amazing fans we have. Appreciate all your questions. Stay safe and remember we will get through this. Let me know what you think of Ep6. Let’s do an Instagram live after ep7! Much love.x #AskSamHeughan



Q: Without revealing too much, what is your favorite episode in this season?
Cait: The Beardsleys was one of them…

Q: what is the funniest thing that happened to you on set while filming s5??
Cait: The goats peeing…

Q: Hi, which season of Outlander is your favourite one ?
Cait: Probably season 1… season 3 comes a close 2nd

Q: Do you have an all time favorite episode? or scene that you’ve filmed?
Cait: Scene from season 1 Ep 6 with BlackJack… was pretty amazing for an actor… end season 1 Jamie and Claire scene at the stones…

Q: Which episode are you most proud of your work?
Cait: Faith … thanks to Toni Graphia…

Q: Which Claire scene did you find particularly sad and heartbreaking to shoot?
Cait: Saying goodbye to Jamie end of season 2 and faith…

Q: Working with @SamHeughan for the past 6 going on 7 years, what are some things that have remained the same?
Cait: That we have each other’s backs from day one and still do !!

Q: If you could have directed an ep from outlander that already exists from any season, which would it be?
Cait: Helwater (Courtney Note: Helwater was probably the working title, she is referring to Ep 304, Of Lost Things).

Q: how was it to record the fourth season?
Cait: It wasn’t always my favourite but the last block was really cool…

Q: Who is the most funny in the crew?
Cait: John props is very funny but Bubbles or Mike our camera operator is very funny….

Q: if today’s Caitriona could say something to Caitriona from the past, what would she say?
Cait: Stop worrying so much…

Q: If you hadn’t had an acting career, what do you think you would be doing instead ?
Cait: Maybe a journalist.

Q: What are your go to travel essentials/clothes for a three day weekend?
Cait: Face wash, moisturiser, a toothbrush and some mascara and a lip…. Then jeans and a nice dress…

Q: Leave us with a positive message.
Cait: This a tough time for everyone but we can get through it with kindness and generosity and thinking of the WE instead of the ME and come out the other side with Grace

For full Sam and Cait Twitter Q&A recaps, go to Erin Conrad’s coverage on Three If By Space.

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I hope everyone is hanging in there. Slow and steady wins the race. 😘

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  1. So Sam is hanging in Hawaii for Coronavirus lockdown….not bad. Wonder where Cait is stuck. Hopefully in a warm place with her loving hubby. Nice conversations….

    • They are both in Hawaii as S6 filming has started. Look at the picture above with Cait and Sam alone and Cait is putting her fingers at her temple as a gun.

      • I don’t think so Astrid. I think Sam is in Hawaii and Cait is either in Ireland, London, or Glasgow with Tony. I think Sam means they have started getting scripts to read for S6. The shot of them together is from Sam’s phone, from S5 filming I think! xo

  2. As a Scots Australian and a Whisky drinker, of course my sense of humour for his comments occupation suggests thus: Athlete/Chef so he can run if they don’t like it and;
    Ninja/Barman to settle anyone who does not like his whiskey

  3. Thank you Courtney for the articles and photos, I cannot wait for your recap on Wednesday for episode 6,, I shall hold my remarks until then.
    In the meantime, Courtney, Karmen, Katherine and Antoinette, stay safe in these difficult times, God Bless.

  4. Thank you Courtney, Karmen, Catherine and Antoinette for filling my lonely Corona19 days with something other than bad news on the TV!

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