Get Virtual Tickets to the London Premiere!

Photo: Jamie and Claire, Starz

I’ve been waiting, along with many of you, for Starz to announce how to get virtual tickets to the amazing Season 6 London premiere planned for February 24th. Starz released that info today, and here are the details:

At 9:00AM Pacific time/ 12:00PM Eastern time, tomorrow, Friday, Feb 18, go to Virtual Access to Season 6 World Premiere Red Carpet Event to get a ticket.

More information about the virtual experience: 

What: Fans will enjoy coverage of the red carpet, a screening of Episode 601 (accompanied by the Philharmonia Orchestra and Philharmonia Chorus Choir (!!)), followed by a live and virtual panel with cast and executive producers, moderated by Broadcaster Edith Bowman. 

Where: Your computer, in whatever room you choose in your home 🙂 (The Royal Festival Hall in London is where the event will take place). 

When: February 24th, 2022 6:00PM GMT (10:00AM Pacific / 1:00PM Eastern).

Who: US and UK fans only. This is a bummer for the rest of the world, and the reason is that Starz only has rights to Outlander in these territories. 

However: Starz will be live streaming the red carpet portion of the evening on their Facebook page, which everyone can access. Starz will make the panel available to everyone after March 6th. 

Ticket details: The announcement says that tickets are “limited,” and will go on a “first come first served basis,” but the number of tickets available is not mentioned. 

There you have it. Good luck everyone!! 🙂


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Source: Starz on Twitter

12 comments on “Get Virtual Tickets to the London Premiere!

    • And when it finally was connected it said, “Thank you for visiting the OUTLANDER Virtual Premiere site, unfortunately tickets are no longer available for your country, but join us for the Season 6 Premiere Sunday, March 6 on STARZ and the STARZ app.” So sad that a company as big as STARZ can not accommodate it’s subscribers.

  1. Thousands of us were waiting since1155 and when 1200 rolled over tried to log on. We got url not found immed. There is NO reason to limit virtual tickets when money could have been made for those involved or a charity or whatever. I worked last night and awoke at 1155. This way of doing things is pathetic, whomever arranged this is simply using this fandoms. Shameful

    • I agree. I’m afraid Starz is not very well run or sophisticated in its customer treatment – in fact it’s my opinion that Outlander has succeeded in spite of Starz – but it is what it is.

  2. So sad and frustrated… I clicked on link at 11 CST…but it took FOREVER to get to website…….first connection didn’t have have registration form link….second time and third time FINALLY got a register here notice…also took forever.. 2 responses “website not available” by 11:20 started over….clicked on “register here” took awhile to get to site…sorry all tickets gone !!! UGH… guess I’ll wait for the you tube showing !! LOL

  3. The site obviously crashed and when I did get tickets available..
    this is not a great way to treat fans ..disappointing to say the least .x

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