Great EW Round Table Discussion Lead by Maril, with Sam, Cait, Richard, and Sophie

Excellent discussion, I really enjoyed this! Thank you Maril, EW, and Cait, Sam, Richard, and Sophie! I loved what Caitriona said about not objectifying men. 


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The lasses and I discuss Ep 501 today! I will endeavor to get that out by Wednesday. You can always check here for the latest Episode Discussions. 

Happy Monday. xo

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11 comments on “Great EW Round Table Discussion Lead by Maril, with Sam, Cait, Richard, and Sophie

  1. I’d seen this already, yet watched again, and could watch hours more! While I appreciate the job interviewers have done (and I’d happily give my eye teeth to interview this group!) along these lines, just seeing these friends, sitting around chatting, with barely a coax from Maril was amongst the best I’ve seen through the years. Not straining to come up with a new response to an oft asked question, or trying to disguise a thought like, “Now why would you ask me that?”, but just easy conversation amongst people who genuinely enjoy each other’s company. A pleasure to watch again, and thanks for posting it! All that said, I am so looking forward YOUR chat with YOUR friends!

    • P.S. Having read a number of the books before the Starz series, I was able to, rather quickly, change my vision of Jamie to that of Sam Vaughan once I got a gander of him, and happily so! 😁😉

    • Thank you Kimber, I am looking forward to it too!

      I agree, it’s wonderful how relaxed they are with Maril and each other. But I will add, as someone who does and edits my own interviews, that what happened there in that room and what you are seeing, are two different things. My interview style is conversational, and then I edit most of my part out, because I know people are interested in what the interviewee has to say. There has been significant editing done here for this final product. Kudos to the editor as well! I hope they do more.

      • Oh yes, I’m aware of all you mentioned (in another life) being done. Including your good work, Courtney. Just appreciate well-edited piece being put out for the viewing public, and perhaps should’ve included that in my original thoughts. Thanks!

  2. Sorry Sam, don’t agree think it is a totally bogus addition and not sure I can forgive you for it. So far I won’t be watching.

  3. Great interview…it’s been on my list of MUST SEE for a few days now. They are so relaxed, …great to hear their viewpoints on upcoming episodes. I was smiling through the whole interview. !!

  4. This Season 5 is a “Must See” for everyone. Outlander gets more and more exciting and complex – love every minute of it. Thank you for sharing the interview above, it’s great to hear the actors’ perspective of their roles and where they will go with them and the story line.

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