Happy 101st Birthday Claire!

Photo: Claire, Season 1, Starz

Today marks Claire’s one hundred and first birthday! Phew, dang she looks good. ?

According to Diana, Claire showed up on Day 3 of writing Outlander, and refused to be an 18th century woman. Dougal asked who she was, and she said “I’m Claire Beauchamp Randall, who the bloody hell are you?” 

Here’s to you, Claire, the mind who created you…

Photo: Courtney Williams, Denver Comic Con, 2016

the woman who plays you…

Photo: Courtney Williams, Emerald City Comic Con, 2016
and to the host of people who bring you to life! ?
Here is Diana’s tribute to Claire, on her birthday…

Blessings to you and yours, xo
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4 comments on “Happy 101st Birthday Claire!

  1. That first photo is one of my absolute favorites of “early” Claire, and love the one of Diana as well! Thanks, Courtney, and cheers to the birthday girl and the wonderful world around her, which I’m so totally enamored with!

  2. I know its been said many times before, but what the hell, I’ll say it again and again. I LOVE HER. They could not have found a better actress to be Claire Fraser. Happy 101st Claire and may I add..I love sharing a birthday with you! And John Bell too :o)

  3. Happy Birthday “Claire”! Outliner is my favorite program to watch and rewatch. The characters and the people who represent them are wonderful. The love between Claire and Jamie (when they put their foreheads together) is so timeless. I can’t wait for season 5, so I’m rereading the “The Fiery Cross”. Thank to all!

  4. That sure put Dougall in his place. Claire was very fiesty and courageous, and not short on saying things as she saw them. A lady who had a mind of her own, and the courage to carry it through. Outlander is still the best on TV, and can am looking forward to February 2020 to see Season 5.

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