Happy 41st Birthday to Mr. Sam the Man Heughan!

Cover art – Beautiful depiction, as always by the talented Vera Adxer – See and purchase Vera’s work here: Vera Adxer’s Art.

April 30 is an auspicious day. Not only was Mr. Sam born on this day, in 1980 (wow, that makes me feel old!), but I met Diana Gabaldon for the first time on this date, back in 2015, at a library event and book signing. Mom was there, and we sang happy birthday to Sam as the closing of the Q&A (wish I had that video to share!).

 It’s an auspicious date for me personally, too. So Happy April 30thth! May good things happen for you today. 

In honor of the big man’s 41st, I am publishing a favorite recent interview with him. I asked a crew of very with it fans for their favorites, and the one most often mentioned was this one. I listened to it, and I have to agree. Excellent, at ease, thoughtful, thorough visit with Sam. (Thank you to Sam and Nicola Roy, and also to my with it fan friends, Jill Rosoff, Joan Fader, Jennifer Schneider, Lisa (Laj), Susan Treglia and Susie Weatherley!)

Nicola Roy’s The Cultural Coven – Interview with Sam Heughan.

Here are a few other mentions for Sam’s big day… I may add more as the day goes on, if you’d like to check back.

From Starz…

From Cait…

Happy happy birthday to this legend of a man… May this year bring you all the health, happiness and success you deserve. Honoured to know you and so grateful I was lucky enough to get you as my work hubby … Much love Hoooohan xxxx

From Duncan… That time Murtagh was up all night making Jamie a birthday card with glitter and crayons!! Happy Birthday @samheughan Catch you soon. x

From Graham…Happy Birthday to my camper van companion, whisky entrepreneur, lifter of heavy objects, and all round top bloke @samheughan @meninkiltsstarz #clanlandsbook (the bill for my therapy is in the mail)

From Sophie…

From Richard… Here’s to you, Sam Heughan. My love. My light. My LIFE! Let’s get an apartment together.

From Tim Downie… Happiest of birthdays to this wondrous human @samheughan. A more splendid fellow and hat wearer you’d be hard pressed to find. Much love you.


From Gary Steele…

From My Peak Challenge…

From Alex Vlahos…

From Josh H.

From Alex Norouzi…


From Davie Hollywood… Happy birthday Sam Heughan, we will defo party together when we can..#lockdownbirthdayssucks

From Da Man magazine…

Happy birthday Sam Heughan! It’s a good day to celebrate the #Outlander actor’s career journey – all in our exclusive interview!

From Cahonas Scotland… Happy Birthday to our ballsy charity ambassador Sam Heughan – Thank you for all you do to help our life saving work.


From The Royal Conservatoire…

Happy birthday to graduate Sam Heughan! Today is also the final day of the Supernova Legacy Scholarship campaign in Sam’s honour and you can donate here.


Wishing you a wonderful day on Sam’s birthday – let’s all have the attitude of Sam today, and we just may feel the earth tilt in a wonderful direction.

Happy Birthday Sam, buddy! xo

Coming up…
In the editor now… Who is that???

 I’m working on a fun “Where are they now” piece… stay tuned. 


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10 comments on “Happy 41st Birthday to Mr. Sam the Man Heughan!

  1. What a great tribute to Sam. So well thought of by so many friends, cast members and fans! He truly is one of a kind! Here’s to many more seasons of Outlander. I can never get enough of Jamie and Claire!! Sam embodies the character so well. He is Jamie Fraser, the King of all Men!

  2. Thanks for that. In between life-things-like-work-and-kids-that-need-attention it was impossible to keep track of everything today. What an immense explosion of happy thoughts, BTS pictures, fun, and all the charities that become quite serious! You mention we just may feel the earth tilt in a wonderful direction. I dare to say we did. Truly 😉!

  3. As always, I enjoy your blogs. Good choice on the interview.
    Been some wonderful ‘birthday’ messages and pics celebrating Sam’s special day. He is certainly loved by many friends and fans. Gorgeous man…..

    Sad news about Noel Clarke that broke in news this morning (if true, though it doesn’t look good) as I enjoyed his interview with Sam.

  4. Happy Birthday Sam, hope it was a great day for you, your family and friends. Can’t wait for the new season to start. Every one of you who works to bring Outlander to us fans……God Bless and thank you for the fantastic job you all are doing. Please know we are all greatful to everyone of you. This is the first correspondence I have ever sent to anyone in the “Industry.” Jayzee246 @gmail.com. ( Sandra Ceravolo, Kissimmee, Florida Hope you receive it.

  5. As always… the best site to go to,with all the information one needs in a great package! Thanks, Courtney.

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