Happy Anniversary Cait! Q&A Highlights (+ Happy Birthday Maril ?)

Today marks the fifth anniversary of Caitriona’s casting announcement as Claire Elizabeth Beauchamp Randall Fraser! Little did she know what she was in for! ?

Here’s a nice quote from Diana on that same day…

Of course, Diana was referring to this sizzling audition/chemistry test between Sam and Cait, which was done not long before. In fact, Cait often comments about the fact that she, like Claire, was thrown abruptly into a whole new world when she started on Outlander, which made playing Claire feel pretty authentic.

To mark the occasion, Caitriona did an impromptu Twitter Q&A today.  As usual, Erin Conrad quickly captured the whole thing, so I will hit the highlights and then send you to Erin!

Q: What’s the thing you’ll never forget about the day of your audition?
A: Being late thanks to road works STRESSS … but then Sam being so sweet and handing me a tissue to mop the sweat off my brow.

(aw, sweet Sam!)

Q: What’s your best memory about playing Claire ?
A: First day … when you could feel the magic everywhere.

Q: Favorite scene you filmed in s4?
A: ? 

(That’s a bathtub in case you couldn’t tell! ?)

Q: What is the most surprising thing you had to do during shooting?
A: Gut a fish

Q: What’s the best memory of this season?
A: Lots of great moments but finale was really special. Oh and snow days. 

(Sam has been talking about this finale too – the suspense is definitely building!!)

Q: In your opinion, what is Claire’s best quality?
A: Compassion

Q: Favorite trait you’ve adopted from portraying Claire?
A: Confidence

Q: Which other character in the show or book would you like to play aside from Claire?
A: Eh Jamie of course … Sam shouldn’t be the only one who gets to run around being cool all the time

(I love this answer!!!!)

Q: One word to describe Claire and Jamie’s relationship in this season?
A: Strong


Q: What was it like working with the amazing Maria Doyle Kennedy?
A: Brilliant. She is just brilliant and you will all love Jocasta.

(Ohhh, this makes me SO EXCITED!!!!)

Q: What was more difficult this season: the mosquitoes or the cold?
A: Midges … different from mosquitoes but just as vicious

(Exhibit A):

Q: Hardest scene to EVER get through with Sam -for whatever reason
A: The one where he had to put his shirt on. Apparently more difficult than it looks .. right

Q: How is your movie going & when will it be released
A: Great … I think next summer

(for more on that, go to the most recent OutlanderBTS What’s New).

Q: Do you get a vacation any time soon?
A: November hopefully

Q: What’s the most challenging aspect of filming other roles during break? (Congratulations! We’re so excited for you!)
A: Walking onto a new set where everyone is a stranger/the opposite of Cheers (which is how I think of our Outlander set)

(And… What a great sense of humor this woman has!!)

Q: How’s your health?
A: Good , though I just coughed … why? Do you know something I don’t ??? Should I be worried ??? Eh hello??? Hello…????

Q: Rumor has it you’re not returning for s5 and 6. Confirm or don’t confirm…?
A: Hahahahaha. #yeahright 

Q: If you could change something in the world, what would you change?
A: Corruption

Q: What’s your biggest dream?
A: Happiness

For the full Q&A, visit Erin Conrad’s Outlander coverage on Three If By Space. Incidentally, you can always find a link to Erin’s Outlander coverage, as well as other Great Outlander Stuff in the bottom right hand corner of my homepage…

Also wishing a very happy birthday to Maril Davis today! 


4 comments on “Happy Anniversary Cait! Q&A Highlights (+ Happy Birthday Maril ?)

  1. Dear Catriona, she is so fantastic. Not only is she a great actress but she is also a wonderful person, generous, humble and caring. I really admire her. I had not seen that audition in a while and it just reminded me how good they are together and how happy they have made us, the fans. Even when the series is over, they and their performances will never be forgotten. Thx for the post Courtney.

    • Caitriona Balfe is the best! Thank you for giving us Claire – a true heroine, a very strong, and intelligent woman – with a great sense of humour. May success be with Caitriona wherever she goes.

  2. Caitriona Balfe is the most amazing actress i’ve seen. The minute she comes on screen she has our attention right from the start. Her intelligence, sense of humour and compassion is what shines the most. She has given us Claire (who, though fictional), seems so real – she is a part of our everyday lives. She has certainly earned our respect and admiration. But, wait, what was that part of Caitriona Balfe might not be in Seasons 5 and 6. Please say that it is not true. – there is no other person that fill Caitriona’s place as Claire. Thank you for sharing all the wonderful tributes to Caitriona and the short interview in between! So much appreciated. A devoted fan of Caitriona Balfe.

  3. Caitriona Balfe has earned our respect and admiration. Her portrayal of Claire is superb. She is a brilliant actress, besides being very intelligent, beautiful, having a great sense of humour, a sense of grace and very caring. May success be hers always. 5 years! It seems like yesterday Outlander introduced Caitriona Balfe as Claire to us all – a fantastic reason to celebrate!!

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