Happy Birthday Caitriona!

Cover Photo: OutlanderBTS, Season 3 Premiere, NYC

I’m proud to be associated with Outlander, starting with Diana – the person she is, and the quality of her work. The high quality of the show is what prompted me to start my blog – I wanted to be part of this whole thing, to help document it. Very early on, I came to respect the two leads of the show, and that has only continued and grown. It’s not easy to stay true to your center while rocketing to global celebrity, but Cait and Sam seem to have figured it out.

Today, we celebrate Caitriona’s 41st birthday. A group of fans, headed by fan Ashley Holle, have put together a fabulous birthday fundraiser for Cai-TREE-na – via nonprofit OneTreePlanted.org. You can donate anywhere from $5.00 to as much as you like one time or monthly, to honor Caitriona, and help reforest our planet.

Well done guys! And Caitriona has agreed to match up to 5k trees!

But they’ve moved well beyond their initial goal of 20,000 trees. As of this writing, they are up to 32.5k trees being planted in honor of Caitriona. And the big guy just shouted it out on Twitter and Instagram…

I have a feeling that number will go much higher. I contributed to help our planet and honor this stellar woman today.

Click here to join in: Planting Trees for Cait’s Birthday. Thank you to Ashley and friends for this wonderful idea and opportunity! 

A little BTS (since that’s what I do): the photo in the stunning velvet suit was taken before the 2018 NYC Paleyfest panel, on October 5, 2018. I met Karmen that night, and had front row seats. Sadly, I had a new camera, and didn’t quite know how to use it yet, but I did get this one!


Happiest of birthdays to you Caitriona – a woman of rare beauty, inside and out, a phenomenal actress, guardian, custodian, and steward of Claire, and a wonderful human. xo


And you, dear reader, I hope you are safe and well today. ❤️

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6 comments on “Happy Birthday Caitriona!

  1. Happy Birthday, Caitriona! Thank you for your wonderful portrayal of a beloved character and for all you do to make the world a better place. The series, books, and ladies of Outlander BTS, have been an appreciated respite from the turmoil of the times. God bless! XO

  2. A very Happy Birthday to an amazing woman and actress. I hope Caitriona’s special day was as special at she is to us all. So, here’s a toast to Caitriona – wishing her a great year ahead.

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