Happy Fathers’ Day to All The Amazing Dads Out There!

Cover art: Vera Adxer: Jamie with his kiddos.

We would be nothing without our amazing dads. I feel like in the midst of all the #MeToo stuff, this truth can get overlooked, but dads are pretty dang important.

Today, I honor my own father, who is 87, and still kicking (he is driving without stopping to visit me and the fam next month – 12 hours! Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ!). I also honor (on this admittedly Hallmark holiday), the father of my own children, my hubby, who is truly a spectacular father. I am so thankful for both of these men, and for all the men who have helped shape me into the person I am today, there are many.

In the spirit of that, I am dedicating this post to all the Outlander (real life) dads out there…

But first, I kind of have to start with good old Jamie, who as we know is father to these three as well as his bonus kids: Marsali and Joan. He is (and will be) a father figure to many throughout this story… 

David Berry is a daddy…

Grant O’Rourke is a daddy… (this is an older pic, the “Wee Man” as Grant calls his son is probably 8 now).

From today: “The wee man made me a card for Father’s Day and then told me that my gift was “getting to see how good he is on Beat Saber.”


Steven Cree became a father fairly recently…

“Taking my wee monkey to Monkey World Ape Rescue Centre in Dorset for the first time today. Absolutely love this place and the work they do.”



Graham McTavish is the dad of several, and even does pushups with them on his back!

Tim Downie is a dad, with his two girls and his amazing cakes! 

“Extraordinary turnout for Women’s March London today. Very cool hearing my 5 year old daughter chanting loudly “women’s rights are human rights!”


Sam Hoare has two little ones as well… “Family vomiting bug + washing machine broken = good times.”

“Only one way to do the school run this morning!”

Stephen Walters is also a dad… “Happy Birthday Son…thank you for the best years of my life x.”

Àdhamh ÓBroin is a dad…

Gary Lewis is a dad, Ron D. Moore is a dad, I’m sure the list goes on. Here’s to them, and to you, if you’re a dad reading this. Cheers to dads! ?

Love to all xo.

Click the link for more on Tim Downie, Sam Hoare, Steven Cree, and Àdhamh ÓBroin.  

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14 comments on “Happy Fathers’ Day to All The Amazing Dads Out There!

    • KC you were fast – I added David Berry quickly right after I posted this, and you had already noticed him missing! C

  1. Theses are wonderful tributes to the OL Das and great examples for
    fathers everywhere! Love that you shared. Love that they protect their own, as well! x

    • I just realized my oversight and added him! Come back – Grant and the wee man, when he was REALLY wee, are here now! 🙂

  2. This is a sweet sweet post. Thank you for cheering up my day. I miss my Dad, but celebrate my son’s fatherhood, my hubby’s incredible time as a Dad and Grandpa (Papa). I love seeing the OL cast outside their roles on the show. Happy they share a bit of their private life with we dedicated fans. Kudos.

  3. Courtney, what a beautiful post. You really help this fandom’s cravings for Outlander. Great artwork by Vera. My hubby thought it was a photograph!

  4. All the photos above are precious. These actors are fathers and we forget that they have families because we see them only in one way. The pictures are real treasures. Thank you for sharing them with us.

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