Happy Fathers Day!

Here’s a lovely edit for Fathers Day, by Outlander Starz! 

I am thankful for all the amazing men in my life, starting with my own dad – the first man who loved me, and the first man I loved. ❤️ And, of course, the man I married, and the father of my children. 😍

It really does take a village, and our wonderful fathers who come in many forms – brothers, uncles, neighbors, grandpas, coaches, teachers, etc.  are a critical part of our village. Thank you one and all. xo



Make sure to read the first post in my new series: Where Are They Now – I am already working on the next one, so stay tuned. 

Coming Up: 

It’s high time for an OutlanderBTS What’s New! Coming in the next weeks…

Photo: Alex Vlahos, Twitter – he’s lost his Christie curls – does this mean Allan’s story ends in Season 6? Maybe… (but Alex is a tricky wee bugger!)

I hope you’re all well and looking forward to (or already enjoying) the weekend, on this Fri-yay. xo

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