Happy Holidays and Malva Will Be in Season 6!

Photo: S5 ending, where we left off.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Feliz Caga Tió, Furaha ya Kwanzaa, Happy Boxing Day, First footing, Ōmisoka, or whatever you happen to celebrate!

We got an exciting update from Starz yesterday – from Sam, Cait, Sophie, and Richard about filming starting for Season 6, and some little tidbits. Sam answers the question we’ve all been asking about whether or not Tom and Malva Christie will be part of Season 6, and they will! I am almost finished re-reading ABOSAA, and have thought lately they must include it, it’s such a huge part of that book. Now we know!

Sophie tells us we’ll see some modern Bree with her inventor cap on. That should be interesting, (but I hope not the focus of an entire episode 😬), and I’m curious to see how that works continuity wise (think Ep 307 Down the Rabbit Hole), Bree was not extremely resourceful in that moment. Cait says things are coming to the Ridge that will challenge even Claire’s medical knowledge, (which is in line with ABOSAA), and Sam lets us know about the Christies! 

I add my own best wishes for you this holiday season, may you all be safe, well, and surrounded by love and positivity, even if by Zoom.

Enjoy this awesome gift from Starz for the holidays!


For a wee Season 6 updated, go here: John Bell Trains for Ian the Mohawk.

More OutlanderBTS coming at you in the months ahead. Much to look forward to! ‘Til then, catch up on our Seasons 4 and 5 Episode Discussions, see if you’ve missed one of my Interviews, or an excellent Outside Interview, and visit Reader Favorites.


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14 comments on “Happy Holidays and Malva Will Be in Season 6!

  1. Happy holidays to you too Courtney ! So looking forward to S.6 as ABOSA was one of my favourite books. The Tom and Malva Christie storyline will be great to watch play out onscreen. Hopefully filming will start in early January( by the sounds of it) and if we are lucky we might see it by the end of 2021.

    • Thank you Joan! Yes, fingers crossed they can move ahead and create another great season. 10 months to film and then at least 2 months of post for each episode – sounds like early 2022 to me, but we shall see. xo

    • Sam has that Hawaii sun drenched glow to his face, similar to when he just got back from there and he made that MPC Gala video. Perhaps he made this promotional video shortly after he got back from there.

  2. Woo, hoo, the Christie’s will come tae Frasers Ridge! Jist as well or who kens where the story would have went! I love the Malva story line and there was us thinking Marsali took Malva’s story line…….oops, well, ah widnae haud ma breath oan that ain.
    Ah hope they show Bree digging ditches and troughs and trying for 20C plumbing……nae sure Sophie wid be pleased wi that though. Ah reckon making Ether must be Claire’s medical challenge and wi aw ken where that leads tae…..!
    I’m looking forward tae finding out who’s been cast in these parts. Nae doot we’ll find fault but hey, part o the process.
    I’m interested how filming is happening since we here in Scotland are all on Level 4 which is more or less lockdown – nae socialising unless in a ‘bubble’ and even then ah cannae even cuddle my big sister. At the moment until Jan 18th but chances are much longer. So that will be interesting. But ah was so pleased tae see the cast give us some clues tae Season 6. ( noticed Sam looked like he’s been somewhere sunny)
    Hae a good Hogmanay and best wishes for a better and brighter 2021 wherever ye bide.

    • Hi Ann, Oh good call on the ether! I forgot about that, as I’m in the end of the story now. If Season 6 is as well done as S5, and I hope it will be, it should be great.

      I am also looking forward to the casting. I have great faith in Suzanne& team.

      That’s interesting about lockdown. They may well create a bubble scenario, like sorts does. It’ll be interesting to learn of their challenges.

      Yes he did – not sure – maybe Glasgow? 😁.

      All the best to you. x

  3. Happy Holidays from me too! Thank you for keeping us company these last many months, Courtney. I hope (hope hope) that when Sophie said modern Bree she meant bringing her modern engineering skills to the Ridge! Like Ann+Kellman, I hope we see her trying for 20C plumbing and her other innovations 18C style.
    Wishes for a healthier and easier year coming up.

    • Diane I was worried about that too (as in hopeful we don’t get flashbacks to the ‘60’s of Bree in chemistry class 😏), so I listened again and what she said made me think more attempting inventions in the 1700’s. I have faith in Maril and Matt. 👍🏽

  4. All good news Courtney! Been missing you gals. Hope you are all safe and enjoying the holidays any which way you can. It’s been quiet here, but we’re healthy, so that’s good. We’re being really careful! Hopefully 2021 will be kinder to us all!

    • Hi Suzie,

      We are all with our respective families for the holidays & everyone is doing well. I hope to do a past Episode discussion soon, and then you won’t miss us 😉. I’m glad you’re staying safe, that’s the smart move for now imo. xoxoxo

  5. Dear Courtney,

    I know I’m a bit late here, but I’m just re-reading ABOSAA and wondering how they will fill 12 episodes with that book, having used important story lines such as Claire’s kidnapping, Brianna’s kidnapping and Bonnet’s death in S5. Granted, the Christies will make an entrance, Claire will be abducted once again and put into prison. Then there is Jamie’s stint as an Indian Agent, Roger becoming a minister, maybe some flashbacks of Ian with the Mohawks and the burning of Fraser’s Ridge. Surely, this is not enough for a whole season? Don’t you think they will borrow heavily from AEITB?

    Would be very interested in your view!

    • How about Brianna seeing Willie? Isn’t the same in tv as in the book. Tv Jamie has already told Brianna about him with his picture before she tried to go back, which is funny because he says John just gave him the pix of Willie but he had it already because he showed it to Claire when she came back and he saved it from the print shop fire.

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