Happy Thanksgiving! A Closer Look at S6 Opening Credits Released Today

Photo: Jamie and Claire, Season 6, Starz

Happy Thanksgiving all. We have much to be thankful for in the Outlander world, a new book, and Season 6 coming….

Today Starz released the opening credits for Season 6.

There are several interesting things to note… the song starts out with “a lad that is gone” vs a lass, and then joins in with a lass in the second refrain – does this mean a balanced Season 6 for Jamie and Claire? Diana has said it’s the best season after Season 1, so far, so maybe? One theory about why Season 1 is so special is that they were filming in their own bubble, focused on the story and telling it, with no outside influence. If ever there was a season like Season 1, with the closeness and feeling they were in their own bubble, it would likely be Season 6.

Presumably, these are the credits for Episode 601, and I spotted some things of interest. The first, is that Mark Lewis Jones has top billing, after Sophie and Richard, and before John Bell and Caitlin O’Ryan. Does this reflect his stature as an actor, the size of his role in Episode 601, or the fact that he is a main character throughout Season 6? Hmmm. Notably absent from the credits are Alexander Vlahos and Jessica Reynolds, who play Malva and Allan Christie. Actors who don’t appear as regulars are often credited at the end. After Caitlin, are César and Lauren, in that order, followed by some new names – Glen Gould and Simon R Baker.

IMDb, Glen Gould

Glen is originally from the Mi’kmaq community of Membertou First Nation, located on the island of Unama’ki (aka Cape Breton), Nova Scotia. He moved to Toronto at age 19 to pursue a career in Acting. 

IMDb, Simon Baker

Simon is also First Nation, Cree, from the Cowesses Band, in Broadview, Saskatchewan, Canada. He has been acting since the age of 9.

The addition of these gents to the cast likely means we will see Jamie as the “Indian agent” described in ABOSAA, and, or they could be featured in Young Ian’s Mohawk story, backstory, or all of the above. Interesting.  

Sam and Caitriona have producer credits, as they should have, Sam listed first. We see a glimpse of this wee lad – Germaine? Jemmy? With a toy airplane instead of a Vroom…

The gorgeous cinematography is back, as well as Costume designer Trisha Biggar, who filled Terry Dresbach’s shoes for Season 5…


We (or I, anyway) have been anxiously awaiting the news of Jon Gary Steele’s replacement – which came in this credits release. Mike Gunn, known for his work on Filth (2013), Late Night Shopping (2001) and Eddie the Eagle (2015) is the production designer for the show this season. I am looking forward to seeing his work.

And this season we see Roger, Bree, Marsali, and Fergus in the opening credits…




Shaina Fewell is back (yay!). Team writers Alyson Evans and Steve Kornacki, who wrote my least favorite Season 5 episode: Ep 505, Perpetual Adoration, are back. Luke Schelhaas, who did a great job in Season 5 in my opinon, is back. Barbara Stepansky is missing from the credits and I’m pretty sure she was on the writing team for this season. The other producers mentioned have been with the show for at least one season or more. Original writer Toni Graphia is back, and Matt is still running the show, with Maril on board, as always. Amazing casting director Suzanne Smith is still working her magic as well. 

I am excited for Season 6! And Bees! Yay!

I hope you are enjoying a peaceful and safe holiday if you’re in the US, surrounded by love. And if you are elsewhere in the world, may you have a blessed Thursday (or Friday!).

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10 comments on “Happy Thanksgiving! A Closer Look at S6 Opening Credits Released Today

  1. I think season 6 will be a humdinger!!! Tension and conflict from start to finish. In the meantime, I have started reading Bees. I am 115 pages into the book and all I will say is that some questions we all had about certain things will be answered. I can’t say enough about Diana’s writing , I relish every word she writes. Counting the weeks until you return Courtney with your thoughts and comments on each episode. 💕

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you and all the BTS Lasses! I am so looking forward to this season – ESPECIALLY after Diana saying that she thinks it’s the best season since season one! That has always been my favorite season so I have high hopes for this one!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving! I hope the day was full of blessings. These opening credits are quite intriguing! I’m half-way through “Bees” & am trying to put the brakes on to savor it! Alas, it’s not working.

    • I did that but then I am reading it again about 78% through I hadn’t realised how much I had missed on my first read 😮

  4. Thanks Courtney, we had a lovely Thanksgiving dinner which I felt well enough to prepare and enjoy with fully vaccinated neighbors.

    The opening credits were fascinating but didn’t give away too much. It didn’t show a lot of Jamie, hum. Good eye, I hadn’t noticed the toy airplane in the child’s had until you pointed it out. I am really looking forward to March and to receiving my autographed copy of Bees! I look forward to you gals comments on S6 E1!

    Happy holidays to all of you on OBTS!

  5. Thank you for your thoughtful comments. You point out things I hadn’t noticed. What exactly does Maril do? Obviously she is powerful, intelligent, hard-working, and kind, but what are her responsibilities? Appreciate all you do!

    • Hi Margaret –

      I have met Maril, but never asked her this question. She is an executive producer – Ron D Moore’s partner in business, so they did the original deal for Outlander, the show, together, starting back in 2011 or 2012. My sense is that she is the glue that holds it all together and does what needs doing behind the scenes. I think she takes a very big role in casting – working closely with Suzanne Smith – the genius casting director. She also seems to me to be very much the HR department, so to speak – making sure all the humans are getting what they need and that the show is getting what it needs. That’s my sense, anyway.

  6. Hi Courtney,

    For some crazy reason I flagged your BTS post up on my computer and then (unbelieveably!!) forgot to savour all you had to say and the see the new credits. Thank goodness I found it today – a real treat. As always thank you for bringing us lots of Outlander information. I too have my copy of Bees and now that it’s the Christmas Holidays I am ready to get ‘stuck in.’ I hope you have a great Christmas (sadly plans for a big get together with extended family here in the UK have been thwarted by the rise of Omicron). On the plus side, I’ll be with my husband and two grown up sons and we will have a good time. I just listened to Caitriona being interviewed by IFTA giving tips on acting etc. Really good if you haven’t already had a listen. Happy Holidays!!

    • Hi Mandy,

      I’m glad you found the post! haha And I’m glad you’ll have your immediate family with you for Christmas. We are having a small one too – we have had a virus going around in the family since October! Been tested for covid now 8 times between the 4 of us, all negative, but don’t want to get anyone else sick regardless. I hope Omicron is the last hurrah for covid! I will give that interview a listen – and I know you will enjoy Bees – it’s so bloody good! Happy Christmas xo

  7. Season 6 of Outlander … I love all the new images as shown for the opening video, but I DO NOT LIKE the
    2 voices singing the ‘Sky Boat’ song. They don’t blend well enough or compliment each other enough to make it enjoyable, so I by far prefer the original Seasons 1-5 singing voices.

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