Happy World Outlander Day! A Video From Sam & Cait (with Photo Bombers)

Today is World Outlander Day, which means the love and appreciation is going around the Outlander fandom, particularly for Diana, and of course for the creators, cast and crew of the show. Here is a wee video of Sam and Cait from location in South Africa. The young whipper snappers (Cesar (adult Fergus), John Bell (Young Ian), and Lauren Lyle (Marsali)) manage a quick photo bomb too. Enjoy…

9 comments on “Happy World Outlander Day! A Video From Sam & Cait (with Photo Bombers)

  1. They are so funny and cute. Courtney, what did Cait said at the end pointing to her wrist? I did not get it.

    Thank you.


  2. “Oooo! Half a hair past a freckle. We gotta go. ”

    Having grown up a freckle-face, I heard that expression as a child, even on the coast of California. Not sure who said it around me… No immediate Irish ancestors, despite the family name.

      • I wonder if they are looking at photos of Sam and Cait’s parents at the ages the characters are supposed to be now, and then are adding in the wear and tear of living centuries before sunblock? And Cait’s so youthful and gorgeous, they have to do SOME thing to make her seem a believable 50+…. But then, folks do age so differently. Look at Diana. At 65 she looks 50 something, maybe… Sure love this Claire look better than the silver streak in S2Ep13. That was sooooo fake-o!

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    • Aw Francine thank you so much. You will certainly not be dropped! The Patron program is a give what you can when you can program, there’s no pressure. I invite you to keep enjoying the site and take good care of yourself. ?

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