Don’t Miss “Heughan Talks” by Steven Cree with Guests Michael Jackson, Hush Puppy, Bill Shatner…

Update: Here is the newest Heughan Talks, with our host, Sam Heughan, returning guest Michael Jackson, and first appearance by Hush Puppy. There is some suspense and peril, so if you are pregnant or have a heart condition, be advised. This is truly quality journalism you won’t want to miss…


In this second episode of Heughan Talks, a riveting interview with Outlander celebrity fan, William Shatner and Michael Jackson… (much better accents, altho Sam still sounds too Scottish)

In this, the first real episode of Heughan Talks, Sam Heughan is dressed in his “Jamie” garb, and now regular guest Michael Jackson makes his first appearance on the show. In this episode, Sam Heughan chats with guests Michael Jackson and Stephen Walters.

In this first episode, a prequel really, Sam spends the entire show singing the praises of actor and coworker Steven Cree ?

We look forward to the next exciting installment of Heughan Talks! 

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