Heughan Talks is Back! With Your Host… Saaahhhm Heughan

Photo edit: Jenny Jeffries @snkisybobfry

Featuring Ed Speleers and John Bell!

I am working on an OutlanderBTS What’s New, but this late breaking release of Heughan Talks has to be shared. The artistry, the accents, the costumes! Please enjoy this latest edition of Heughan Talks, by Mr. Steven Cree…

For more interviews like this one, go to Heughan Talks. For the story of how Heughan Talks came to be, go to Cree, the Interview, Part 2.

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11 comments on “Heughan Talks is Back! With Your Host… Saaahhhm Heughan

  1. Steven Cree, “You ain’t right!”

    Oh, and I like it! From everything I’ve seen/heard of you over the years you are very entertaining, and I appreciate your very particular sense of humor. Thank you!

  2. I saw that you and the Ladies will be at comic con on Saturday. I’ll be at the Hulu for the panel. Not planning of getting autographs. But I’d love to meet you, say “hi” and thank you in person. Is this possible? Like so many, I’ve never done anything like this before.
    Thanks, Susan

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