Highlights from Scotland’s BAFTA’s Awards


Preparations for the night

Here’s the press line, all ready too

Cait and Sam arrive…


And here’s Gary, no doubt thinking, “how can I hug these people with this barricade here???”

Sam appears to be sporting much shorter locks here, as they acknowledge the whole team involved in the show…

Wonderful Gary, as usual giving everyone their due…

A wee tribute to Glasgow (couldn’t agree more)

Before the awards started there was time for… well, what would we do without Steven Cree, keeping things basic?

In short order, Actor television was awarded to Douglas Henshall, which is great, as he’s a familiar face to the Outlander world. But this was also the category for which Sam was nominated. ?

(Douglas played Taran MacQuarrie in the second half of Season 1)


Here’s a snippet of his acceptance speech

Sam and Cait announced the winners of a category (sorry, not sure which one? Home grown talent? ?) Thank you @Mandyna for this clip

And… Cait wins best actress for television!! way to go CAIT!! woo hoo!

Looks like wonderful Bill Paterson (Ned Gowan) presented the award to Cait


Here is her speech- way to gooooo!

Here’s a shot of the Outlander table as Cait thanks Maril, Ron, Andy (driver), Marnee (costumes), and Anita (makeup), Michael, and her husbands Sam and Tobias. Sam’s beautiful girlfriend MacKenzie Mauzyis also at the table. Sam is amazingly gracious as always, while he must also feel a bit disappointed (or am I projecting? ?). Your day will come, Sam! I can feel it in my bones ?



And, I’ve been informed that Cait’s boyfriend is also present (missed that), Tony McGill. Wonderful that they have their significant others for this big night, as well as their Outlander family. (putting a better shot of Tony in, below).


Sam was on Twitter shortly after congratulating Cait, like the good sport he is…

and from Cait’s sister…

Here’s a shot of Cait with two of her sisters


Shetland wins TV Drama category, which means Outlander does not, unfortunately.

Gary Lewis presents the final award with his usual depth….and of course, finishing with a warm embrace! What a true leader

Here’s a shot of the room during Gary’s speech, including our own Mr. Cree in the foreground, Update: with his wife, Kahleen Crawford, who is a casting director for tv and film, seated behind him. (thanks to my top secret sources 😉 ;))


Here are some parting words from BAFTA


If we get a glimpse into the after party, I’ll cover that in a separate piece… stay tuned 😉


14 comments on “Highlights from Scotland’s BAFTA’s Awards

  1. Cait’s boyfriend is also in the shot at the table with Ron and Sam. So happy that both of them are there and supported by their significant other.

  2. Thanks so much for the pics & info– and pointing out the significant others of Sam & Cait. I have another for you– the dark haired lass with the off-the-shoulder black top sitting directly behind Steven Cree is his bride Kahleen Crawford. She’s a casting director.

  3. How is it that Sam never wins…???? I just don’t understand it. Especially in Scots-based awards. The country has seen a upsurge in tourism and all manner of new money as a result of Outlander. How is it that the show is ignored, Cait notwith-standing. She’s marvelous….that’s accepted. Sam deserves more recognition, as does the show, in general.

    • When he finally wins, it’ll be a sweet sweet reward. Baffles me too, he’s so talented. His time will come though!

    • Sam in my eyes the people who nominate actor’s for these rewards are missing the Mark. All the things that you have portrayed in outlander is amazing.

      Thanks for your portrayal of James Alexander Malcom McKenzie Fraser.

  4. It was so great to see so many of the Outlander gang right here in the midst of droughtlander. Thanks for condensing all of these pics and tweets! I was trying to keep up with everything on twitter on my phone with spotty WiFi and it was a mess. Happy Monday!

  5. Just before YouTube crashed, Sam and Cait were presenters of the first award, and it was for Animation. I couldn’t get back on after that so thanks for all the great highlights!

  6. Sam looked very sad at the awards, something is bothering him, he did’nt even show his beautiful smile when caitriona was walking up to recieve her award,or!!!!maybe thats the real sam MMMPH. !!!!!!!!!

    • Hi Aine, the post you read is from the 2016 Scottish BAFTA awards, and I believe he WAS sad, as they were both nominated, but only Caitriona won.

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