IG Chat with César & Lauren + Ep 603 Extras

Aloha 😊, sending great vibes from Hawaii, where I am on a much needed Spring Break vacation with my family.  Here are a couple of goodies for Ep 603 for you. 


Inside Ep 603… Oops, Starz seem to have taken this down. I’ll put it back up when I can locate it! 


Preview for 604…


The Official Outlander podcast for 603 is not out yet, hopefully soon, keep checking back  – you can find a link to those at the very bottom of this site’s homepage: Outlanderbts.com homepage in the Links to More Great Outlander Stuff section (pictured below).

I have not located the scripts for Season 6 yet, I’ll have a link to those when I do! 

I will take some time out to chat 603 with the BTS Lasses later this week – that discussion will probably go up over the weekend. 

Be sure and catch our in-depth Episode 602 Discussion

If you are new to our episode discussions,

you can find them all in Featured Favorites, below the Season 6 & 7 articles, listed in chronological order, newest to oldest. They are also in Episode Discussions, which you can locate on the homepage in the top navigation bar. Enjoy!

Take good care xo

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4 comments on “IG Chat with César & Lauren + Ep 603 Extras

  1. Thanks very much for all of these, Courtney! I Inside Episode 603 doesn’t show up any longer. I look forward to the chat from all of you on Episode 603. I hope you’re enjoying Hawaii.

  2. Not sure how to do this, but here go’s!!! I am watching outlander for over 20 years!! I am old ha miss seeing you both. Enjoy your vacation!!! I am in Clovis Ca. Please come back to Outlander!!!

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