Inside Episode 601

Here is the “Inside Episode 601” package that the show delivers for each episode.

Be sure to catch our Episode Discussion of 601, HERE.

We will discuss Episode 602 on Tuesday evening! 


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Including, our recently published Episode 501 discussion.

Have a great Sunday, and enjoy Episode 602, man oh man!

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3 comments on “Inside Episode 601

  1. After watching your discussion of 601 and now knowing that ether isn’t addictive, I was more accepting regarding Clair self medicating. It really upset me to see it in the 601. I felt it was totally out of character for Claire. But I get it why the writers added that. I suppose it’s better than drinking. I totally loved 602. Thought it was fabulous cant wait to hear all your thoughts on Tuesday!

    • Let me amend my previous comment…I believe I heard it stated ether was not an addictive substance but I just did a quick search on ether and perhaps I misunderstood Karmen’s comments about ether. Either way, I’m not as “upset” about this characterizing of Claire as I was initially.

  2. Poor Claire. I can’t even imagine her internal struggle with what had happened to her in Season 5. That would haunt her for the rest of her life. For her to self-medicate what a very courageous and risky step for her to take, yet it was her blanket to manage throughout each day.

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