Instagram Lives with César, Lauren, John Bell, and Cast Podcasts

Hi All,

Thank you for the kind words and thoughts after my last post about Episode 508. That was a doozy. I am doing well, and the ladies and I are caught up on our chats – we will do Episode 510 on Tuesday. I am behind on editing, and will get these out to you as soon as I can. 

In the meantime, while our cast (and crew) are on hold waiting for it to be safe to film again, there are lots of Instagram Lives and Podcasts springing up. 

Here is adorable Fergus and Marsali, César and Lauren…

Young Ian, John Bell and Lauren Lyle

Sam Heughan on Kyle Reese’s podcast…


You can find Lauren Lyle’s “She’s a Rec” podcast on Apple or Interactive Intel app (for book lists and playlists).  Her first guest is Caitriona Balfe

Maria Doyle Kennedy and her husband do an intimate concert from their kitchen table every Friday night at 8:00PM GMT, which you can watch live on Instagram, or see on her stories for 24 hours afterward. Here’s a wee taste…

That’s it for now. Hang in there everyone. xo

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4 comments on “Instagram Lives with César, Lauren, John Bell, and Cast Podcasts

  1. Can’t wait u til Tuesday to have you ladies discuss the episode! Love ur funny but very enjoyable take on it.
    Thank you all take care
    What doesn’t killus makes us strong

  2. Thanks for posting these. I listened to both almost all the way to the end. I liked John Bell’s comment that his favorite episode was “Free Will.” It’s tied at the top of my favorites because it was well-written and focused exclusively on Claire and Jamie. I love Episode 7 and 9 as well (Sam and Caitriona focused and their extraordinary performances.)

  3. Loved the videos above. Cesar, Lauren Lyle, and John Bell – absolutely love them. They are amazing in their roles. And I love their videos – they are actors and they are great people. I loved “Free Will”, as well. I am loving every episode of Season 5.

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