Jamie & Claire Deleted Scene from S5

I’m sure this was cut for time, CORRECTION: I thought it was from Ep 502, but it’s from Episode 503, Free Will, written by Luke Schelhaas, but what a lovely scene (nice job Luke!!). It features Jamie’s knowledge of Latin, his humor, Claire reminiscing about Bree, her quiet pursuit of saving lives, & Jamie’s support of her. I often agree with what’s been cut, but I think this one would’ve been a nice one to keep in. I’m grateful to see it now. 

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Go here to see a clip of the blooper reel (when I get a longer version I’ll post it). S5 Blooper Reel Clip.

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18 comments on “Jamie & Claire Deleted Scene from S5

  1. T’was a lovely scene. But they could have been talking about rain gutters and they would’ve still had me! Thanks Courtney!

    • Yes, I still contend that Starz would have a hit with a 24 hour Jamie and Claire show. I think we’d actually enjoy watching them sleep! 🙂

  2. Lovely scene. Sweet conversation between Jamie and Claire and that longliving connection between them. That is why we love Ooutlander.

  3. I love the communication and loving connection between Claire and Jamie – their bond is so rare. I think the deleted scenes sometimes are the connecting pieces which explain the continuing story. Thank you for sharing this deleted scene – will always love Outlander – the best ever.

  4. I love this. I’d love to hear Bear McCreary’s music in this scene. I agree that it should have been included but I’m glad to see it. I’ll probably think of it as part of Episode 3, which is one of my favorites in Season 5 because it features Jamie and Claire. Their chemistry and understanding is apparent in this scene. Beautiful.

    • Hi Lauren,

      It was part of 503! I initially wrote 502, but i was mistaken. I would love to know what music Bear would pair with it too. I wonder if he wrote something for the scene before it was removed?

  5. Agree TOTALLY….such a beautiful scene showing how their marriage and love for each other is still strong, but more mature…… Sometimes I don’t want to see the deleted scenes because the majority of the scenes are excellent and pull the characters together. One of my favorite deleted scenes is Jamie and Claire together after the loss of Faith. HEARTBREAKING !!!

    • Chris,

      I almost always agree with the choice to keep the deleted scenes out, but not in this case, and not in the case of Faith!!

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