Jamie Is a Hero

Kudos to the individual over at W Network, who is most definitely a true Outlander fan, for making these sweet videos. (I’m quite jealous of your access to the material, if I’m being honest!).

In light of the ongoing theme of wanting to see Jamie portrayed as the hero he is, here is a pretty awesome tribute to Mr. Fraser: the man, the legend, the HERO… 


Ahhhh, now THAT’s our Jamie!

Happy Sunday. ?

PS. I have updated and expanded the Reader Favorites section of this site, so if you haven’t been in a while, or ever, take a gander. I’ve added a Season 5 section, My Interviews, Outside Interviews, and Costumes. I’ve also updated the content in other sections of Reader Favorites. It’s a great place to poke around during Droughtlander.

Go here ➡️for more Clips, Trailers, Deleted Scenes and Gag Reels.

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