Jamie & Claire in Couples Therapy… Hats off to Josh Horowitz

There have been A LOT of interviews released this past week, I mean A LOT (including mine – in case you missed it: OutlanderBTS S3 NYC ), and my overriding take away about our two wonderful leads is this: they are gracious, fun, fun loving, and game for pretty much anything. HATS off to Josh Horowitz for this fun departure from the usual… 

I was actually guffawing watching this. So silly, so creative and so fun. Enjoy therapist Josh with modern day “Jamie” and “Claire”…


For Jamie and Claire In Couples Therapy BLOOPERS Reel, Click HERE.

42 comments on “Jamie & Claire in Couples Therapy… Hats off to Josh Horowitz

  1. OMG, I died laughing when I saw this. Every time I think about the video I start laughing all over again. Thank you Sam and Caitriona for doing this!

  2. The best show ever. When I watched season 3/1 yesterday
    I did not want it to end, and have to wait a WHOLE WEEK
    to watch the next episode. Jamie & claire are just the best.
    Love Love Love this show and all the people involved. Thank you

  3. OMG!!! So funny. I wish they would have done something like this on Saturday Night Live, or one of the night time shows.

  4. Outlander show has humor, passion, surprise, terror. I had never seen one of these and thoroughly enjoyed our inside jokes. So refreshing to play with them. So wonderful together no matter what they are asked to do. Thank you , Josh!

  5. I missed the scene taken from this where Sam is looking furious and Cait has her hand on his thigh looking taken aback. Kept waiting for it. Was it edited out, perhaps?

  6. This should be required after every episode…..I want to see the “bloopers” from this one.
    They get to express their true feelings

  7. Brilliant. Whoever came up with this idea was inspired. Soooooo funny I have watched it 5 times now and still laugh. Well done all.

  8. Hilarious. Love the comedy. Love their interaction. They are so good at their craft…performing…and they performed well…laughing the whole time. Don’t see how they didn’t crack up!

  9. I agree totally, they are, a class act . Josh’s piece was hilarious. Cait and Sam were too funny, especially Sam. Thanks again.

    Beth Ely

  10. I love the Outlander crew, they look like they have such fun together even outside of filming. This couples therapy skit is BRILLIANT!! Thanks!

  11. Oh my gawd that was hysterical. This show has done so well because of the passionate love these two portray…. which all womanhood dreams about, and the seeming period accuracy…truly a wonderful show.
    We are game of thrones fans too… apparently we like the period pieces!!

  12. They are both far more immature than the characters they play – apparently. LOL they are funny! It is nice to see them having some fun with their popularity.

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