Joe Abernathy in the HOUSE! Welcome Wil Johnson

Photo: The British Blacklist

Info from IMDb

English actor Wil Johnson will play Joe Abernathy. Born April 18th, 1965, 51-year-old Johnson is known for his role on “Waking the Dead” (which I first read as “The Walking Dead” but it’s not, it’s WAKING THE DEAD). Outlander intersection: his first professional acting role was at the 1985 Edinburgh Festival Fringe, and in 2004, Johnson played the title character in the Royal Lyceum Theatre Company’s “Othello.”

um… wow. He has that calming Joe vibe and the voice I heard in my head (minus the British accent). Here is an interview with Wil from 2012 so you get a feel for him in action. Welcome Wil!!!

4 comments on “Joe Abernathy in the HOUSE! Welcome Wil Johnson

  1. He is perfect. A great sense of humor (innate) and a fabulous voice!! I hope he is in more than one episode!! Thanks for the video of this interview!!

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