King FireMan Strikes Again… Lucky LandCon 3

Photo: Screenshot from King FireMan video, Caitriona

The story goes, that I saw this young man’s work on Diana’s Facebook page, and was so impressed, that I found and posted his Jamie, Man of Honor video on A reader (Kimber!) asked for more info about him, so I did a little research and found out that King FireMan is a 22 year old Frenchman who makes excellent fan videos for several popular shows. I found two other stellar videos by him: (Come Back to Me and I Found Him), and I posted those. Since then, he has made a Roger and Bree video as well. I left a comment on his Youtube account, and we followed each other on Twitter.

I posted recently that I’ll be going to WizardWorld in New Orleans and he made a comment about cons all being in the US. Several of us piped up about the excellent convention in Paris: LandCon 3, and I made introductions, saying perhaps he could do an intro video for the convention. (I went to LandCon 2, in 2018, and found it to be extremely well run by a most excellent group of women). LandCon 3 has a pretty incredible line up of guests, and King FireMan has put together a possible intro for the convention, which he gave me permission to share with you.

As we say these days – this has ALL the feels. If you are going, I am officially jelly, and this should get you PUMPED!!

If you’re not going, enjoy it anyway, and get a ticket next time! 

Go here, for more videos by King FireMan on, or follow him on Youtube here: King FireMan.

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8 comments on “King FireMan Strikes Again… Lucky LandCon 3

  1. So glad this young man is getting the proper attention I felt he was due, IS due. He is obviously a special, unique talent and my hope is that his success and recognition will continue to grow. Seems well deserved, and I look forward to benefitting from his “gift” in years to come!

  2. Thank you for the King Fireman videos, Courtney. A wee bit early in the day to start crying but they were well worth it ?!

    The Bree and Roger video reminded me of how much it breaks my heart, each time I read Drums, that Roger doesn’t go back to RR following his rescue. Hearing what Bree had gone through and was still going through, I thought he would have rushed to her side to see she was safe. Of course, I’ve never been tortured by the Mohawk ?, but Diana had written a character that would rush to her side no matter what. When Roger decided to go after her in the past he told readers that he didn’t know if he could find her, if she’d want him, where/when he’d end up or if he could ever get back to the future, but still he went to see her safe.

    I came to understand that Diana needed both Ian and Roger away while the nuclear Fraser family was finally truly united, “reborn” in the arrival of this son and grandson. Then, surviving an infant with colic in a one room cabin together was certainly a forging by fire. It was such wonderful reading that I accepted the awkward device. But it wasn’t necessary in the show.

    As long as they rewrote the ending so that we wouldn’t see the healing of Bree and Jamie’s breech, or the bonding – via Jem’s birth – of the family that Claire and Jamie started together, or the three (and a half) establishing real roots on the Ridge, there was no need in the show’s narrative to leave Roger out at that point. I guess except for the reunion kiss? ? Lol, that may have answered my own question.

    I wonder if anyone else found it odd, though. Even as negatively as TV Roger had been written.

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