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  1. Finally….a proper and professional interview!!! Most of the questions ask of Sam are simply silly. I give this interview, from a fan’s point of view, five stars. It was truly informative and so happy you gave us the opportunity of seeing it. Love this blog….love all things “Outlander”….and especially love Sam’s Jamie. Regards, Carolyn Clark

  2. Sam is not only Handsome but he is such a gentlemen and devoted to his Fans. He is a brilliant Actor. Always gives us Amazing performances. Love him as Jamie Fraser!!

  3. The interviewer was so relaxed that I felt like they were in my living room with me. She does such a good job. In fact, I feel like checking in with the LA Times every once in awhile to check out any of her interviews.

    I liked that Sam and Cait interviewed separately because instead of a playing off each other they were focused and answered sincerely. Very professional.

    • You’re right. Sam’s face showed that he was enjoying the quality of the interview. Humour without nonsense, looks without equal! My hero!

      • Yes! He is my Hero as well. Looking forward to his “The Spy Who Dumped me” movie coming this summer. It will be interesting to watch him in a different role.

  4. Really loved this interview! The interviewer was so relaxed and asked intelligent questions. SO happy it was just Sam. We know what an amazing actor he is but seeing him alone gave us insight into the real sam.

  5. Absolutely loved the interview. Sam Heughan shows a great sense of humour, loved his responses to the interviewer,and his feelings regarding Jamie’s struggles after Claire leaves. The interview was very informative and interesting – it makes us, the devoted fans, appreciate the TV show even more. Sam was also very handsome, has a very winning smile, is gentlemanly and professional. Definitely a High 5 on this. I love Sam’s resourcefulness and thoughtfulness as well. He is a brilliant actor.

  6. Sam is such an appealing man. I wish he would break the habit of putting his hands in front of his lips when he’s speaking. He is soft spoken to begin with & although my volume is up as high as it will go, it was often difficult to hear all he was saying.

    This was a great interview – I agree that it was better without Caitriona only because she makes light of things when Sam is trying to be serious. Love there chemistry when together.

  7. I predict many awards coming to Sam Heughan, a young man full of many talents, professional and intelligent.

  8. Can someone tell me what the last questions were? The one where she said he has to answer quickly. Something about “drudge”? English is not my first language so sometimes I miss things. Sam responded quickly but I did not get it.
    Thank you.

  9. One little thing about Sam I found annoying is his sucking in breathe. He do s not do it in his acting scenes
    Oh well , no one is perfect.

    • I watched the video again – and, yes Sam did suck in his breath while answering. I have seen that before from other people – it really is that they are concentrating really hard in trying to formulate their answers and organizing their thoughts in the process before actually responding to a question. I tried it myself – and yes, a person does draw in their breath. Kind of interesting to notice that.

  10. Courtney,

    Once again, can someone tell me what Yvonne asked him to answer very quickly and what Sam’s answer was? I did not understand it. He seems to be shy for saying it. I just listened to it again and he seems to say “straight man” “it feels so good to say it”? Did I understand it correctly? English is not my 1st language.
    Thank you.

    • Hi Astrid, I’ll have to look back at that interview to answer you, not sure off the top of my head! xo

      • Hi Courtney, I know you have been busy lately. I hope you will be able to listen to the interview again and let me know what Sam’s answer was.
        Thank you.

          • Hi Courtney, I can see the content. I just could not understand the last question and Sam’s reply. It is about answering very quickly and Sam answered which I did not understand and he finished by saying something like “I finally said it”. Said what? What was the question and what was the answer. It listened to it like 20 times.

  11. Unfortunately, also this interview is not available here—- German Outlanderfans are starving for interviews….

  12. I have a question to those of us in the Outlander fan base – There is a book published “Outlander’s Scotland” by Phoebe Taplin it came out this past May. I live in Canada, had gone to McNally Robinson – a very high quality bookstore and they said it was not available here, only in the United Kingdom. Do you know if “Outlander’s Scotland” will eventually come to the book shelves here in Canada. Just wondering. I know this question is outside of the main topic above but thought someone might know.

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