What, No Jenny?! Gotta Have Jenny…

I was perusing the site and realized that I had NO Laura Donnelly coverage, which is pretty much a crime, as Laura is the consummate Jenny (in my opinion). Feisty wee lass…

Potential SPOILERS for non book readers ahead, you’ve been warned!

There is that one bone I’ll have to pick with Jenny in Season 3, about encouraging a certain someone to hook his wagon to a certain someone else. You book readers will know what I mean. I guess Jenny wasn’t at Castle Leoch, so she couldn’t really have known the full back story (you know how many details guys tend to leave out, especially when grieving, starving, and living in a cave). But come on, can you-know-who really have changed that much?? The book version of her character is not quite so evil as the show version; it’ll be interesting to see how that gets handled.     

This is a Season 1 interview Laura did with Yahoo TV on the sibling relationship between Jenny and Jamie. Watching those two spar feels like they both jumped straight out of the book for me- great sibling chemistry. I love those scenes and look forward to more in Season 3. 

I learned today that Laura is actually Irish, like Caitriona. I did not know that. Man, we Irish lasses really know how to hold our own in a stramash… ? ?

Here is the video (including Russian subtitles, for my Russian folks!), enjoy….

10 comments on “What, No Jenny?! Gotta Have Jenny…

  1. She is an amazing actress and still each time i watch the scene where she says Claire is more familiar with Jamies balls i laugh out loud. She is indeed a feisty Lass… and We LOVE Jenny…

  2. To be fair, Claire never told them what you-know-who did and Jamie was completely oblivious at Leoch (it’s difficult to focus on the doings of random lasses when a certain noble whose connections could be useful to you, fancies your posterior). And you-know-who does eventually show a few redeeming qualities (OK, a redeeming quality).

  3. She was absolutely fabulous in every scene as she was in. I just love the way she says “I know” when she and Claire are watching Jamie croon to Jenny’s baby.

    Caught the first episode of the new Beowolf sometime last year I think it was, and there was Laura! I hope she has gotten, and will get some other juicy roles. Actually physically I think she fits my image of Claire more than Cait(Heresy I know).

    • I’ve read that Laura auditioned for the role of Claire but just did not have the romantic chemistry with Sam. They are friends from drama school so maybe it was too hard to act in love with a buddy. But she is fantastic as Jenny!

      • I read that too Ronda, I think it was an interview with Sam. You’re right, I think they were doing a chemistry test and he thought “I can’t pretend to be in love with you!” Or something close ?

    • I think the same thing! I love Catroina & I think she does an amazing job as Claire, but Laura fits the physical description of Claire (curvy figure especially.) When I started reading the books over 10 years ago, I actually pictured Rachel Weiss as Claire.

    • Haha Piper you heretic! I agree that Cait is taller and thinner than book Claire. I think book Claire is around 5’7″? And a little meatier although not fat. I’m proud of you for speaking up. Lynching tomorrow ?

  4. Thats true, about Claire,I meen,she is ment to be abit pudgy,but now Cait has been playing Claire ,she is amazing,it takes abit to get used to a movie cast playing people youve had in your head for so long,they were like family ,but now Sam and Cait as perfect,

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