Lauren Lyle Q&A Highlights: #AskLaurenLyle

Photo: Lauren Lyle, Twitter. Sam, with his bullfighter fan: the only man who could sit, pensively fanning himself, and not look at least mildly ridiculous. Is he thinking about his next scene? Or about his next snack? Video below.

Our spunky Marsali Parsley was on hand for a Twitter Q&A today (or was that tomorrow? ?)…

By the way, Outlander got a mention on the Simpsons recently!!! (They’ve really made it now!)

elena: Favourite episode for you in this season?
Lauren: 412 are you kidding. I was in control of a TWO HORSES and an entire carriage and as a side note i crashed it twice then finally nailed it. Massive achievement.

emy: was it weird to wear a fake pregnant belly?
Lauren: No, i’m incredibly method, i was pregnant.

Carol: Marsali is so brave and determined, and she’s one of my favorite characters, do you identify with her in any way?
Lauren: Her bravery is my favourite thing about her. Her determination to make a fulfilling life for herself, and her apparent desire to chase danger.

anallu: what was the most challenge thing about Marsali, emotionally speaking, that you had to embrace this season?
Lauren: Coming to terms with her being pregnant when the last thing we saw of her was her desire to remain EMPTY IN THE WOMB AREA

dellyn: Do you have any rituals that help you get inside the character? Haha
Lauren: I like to spend a good amount of time walking around set and knowing the environment we are about to shoot in. Theres also often loads of dressed food dotted about so i’ll go looking for apples/cheese etc.

Nathalie: What is your favorite prop?

erin: Is the set really as muddy as it looks onscreen?
Lauren: Yes! I basically have three of every handmade dress because they get so muddy

Teresa: If you could play any Outlander character besides Marsali, who would it be?
Lauren: Murtagh, The Godfather.

The So. Sassenachs: What’s your favorite thing to do between scenes?
Lauren: Eat and take off the corset and find all the animals on set to play with.

teh: What do you love the most on set?
Lauren: In all seriousness Patrick Conroy and Nick Heckstall-Smith (both Assistant Directors), are complete gents and none of us would survive without them.

Jill: You and Cesar have such good chemistry. You’re adorable together on screen!! Such an ease. What’s something we may not know about him?
Lauren: He’s not French its all a lie.

emy: who’s the funniest person on set and/or conventions?
Lauren: me

anallu: go out to drink with Cait or Sam ??
Lauren: Well Caitriona throws a magnificent party and cocktails of a Tuesday are always an option

?: How was shooting scenes with Sam Heughan?
Lauren: He tends to make me laugh the most, i’ll try and find the video i told a bunch of you i’d post of him and his pretty fan one afternoon.

Lauren: You know this only spurs me on none of you ever learn…

(Later that day…)

Amita: Love your performance. Question: were you and your hubby in the show who used no wig? Or were there add-ons? Your hair looks so good and natural in the show. Thanks Lauren!
Lauren: Hair is all mine, that’s why Sam Heughan winds me up, he is jealous of my luscious locks!

Ahhh, the banter!


Jill: I love how Marsali and Claire’s relationship has grown! Hoping to see more of you two in scenes together next season! Do u have a fave scene you’ve done with her??
Lauren: Theres a secret scene on the DVD’s from s3 where i chastise her for being anywhere near Joanie. It was my first day on set and I was terrified – Cait literally glowed in a goddess way.

ma 42 days: do you miss Nell Hudson???
Lauren: Saw her today, we never leave it long enough to miss each other.

emma: a word to describe outlander fans? we love you!!
Lauren: ULTIMATE ( love u too)

Ylle: In your career is there any funny moments what you can tell?
Lauren: The moment I decided to pursue being an actor HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA

Erin: What actors’ careers inspire you? What kind of projects are you most interested in doing?
Lauren: To be honest i’ve been obsessed with Stevie Nicks since i was a teenager so I’d like to publicly state now that if ever a film is made about her I want to play Stevie Nicks, please make it happen.

(Hmmm, Wonder if Lauren can sing??)

nath j: If you could travel back in time to which time would you go?
Lauren: I’d like to meet Jesus and see what really went down.

Cloudbusting: is there anyone you fangirl over?
Lauren: Jessica Lange and Olivia Coleman

Samantha: What would be your dream job (besides acting)
Lauren: professional eater (or i’d actually love to be on radio i’d be a phenomenal DJ)

Amélie: in which tv show would you like to play ? X
Lauren: Get me in Handmaids Tale, it is genius and wow Elisabeth Moss, am i right?

Nancy: Any thought to you and David Berry forming a comedy act? You’re a riot together!
Lauren: He will have to bat away Steven Cree, we are planning our own talk show coming soon, I assure you.

Victoria: will we ever be lucky enough to witness your Steve Coogan impersonation?
(this, in reference to…)

Lauren: You should be so lucky, if Steve himself asks me to – make it happen

Fotini: How much do you love playing a mother?
Lauren: Its good i just wish the child would stop crying i have not slept in WEEKS wow how do you all do it.

Myriam: between us all, Fersali’s honeymoon destination?
Lauren: Ibiza

Ophélie: what’s your favorite book?
Lauren: The Hungry Caterpillar DYNAMIC read

(She really IS method!!!)

Fotini: What advice would you give to Fersali if you could?
Lauren: Stop having kids

erica: if marsali was born nowadays, what would be her job?
Lauren: President

Thank you to Lauren Lyle! You are a fabulous Marsali and a fun lass to boot! (And so helpful to your coworkers)…

I’ll just pop this in here as well, in honor of stupendous Episode 412… I’ve had lots of requests for our discussion of 412, but one of us has a scheduling conflict this week. We will come back and do it though! 

As we can see, Roger does not have a Glaswegian accent (Tank God, or we’d nay be able to understand him in that tent! I had to rewind Father Alexandre enough times, as it was!)

And a wee bit more banter betwixt our beloved cast from earlier…


And last but not least, by Geno Acedo…?

That’s a wrap! Finale this weekend, which seems hard to believe! Hope everyone is well – special shout out to my Patrons! xo

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  1. Further to your comment about a Simpson’s episode mentioning Outlander, I was recently watching this season of Grace and Frankie when Coyote also mentioned Outlander.

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