Live Facebook Q&A with Cait, Sam, Sophie and Richard from Today

****BREAKING NEWS****** EP 501 will be available on the Starz App TONIGHT! At the usual times – Midnight Eastern, 11:00PM Central, 10:00PM Mountain, 9:00PM Pacific! Woot! (Smart move Hirsch, gotta hand it to ya). 

Here is the Q&A with the fab 4 from today, done live in NYC. Enjoy!

Hope everyone is great! xo

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13 comments on “Live Facebook Q&A with Cait, Sam, Sophie and Richard from Today

  1. Thank you Courtney for getting this piece out to us fans. Wonderful to see how well the cast gets along and how much they enjoy the opportunity to be in this wonderful show.

  2. I love how they laugh together. It’s proof of their genuine friendship and love for each other. Thanks for the video and Outlander coverage!

  3. Since I forgot to go on live and watch it, thanks so much Courtney for sending this! Always fun to see them chat and talk about doing the show.

  4. I love the way they joke around and the answer the questions. I love Sam’s laugh and smile – always a winner. Just a few more days, then OUTLANDER! Can hardly wait. Thank you for sharing the video above.

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