Live Stream the LA Premiere – Info Here

Photo: Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan | Michael Kovac/Getty Images for STARZ

****BREAKING NEWS****** EP 501 will be available on the Starz App TONIGHT! At the usual times – Midnight Eastern, 11:00PM Central, 10:00PM Mountain, 9:00PM Pacific! Woot! (Smart move Hirsch, gotta hand it to ya). 

Halloooo, Here is info for the Live Stream of the LA premiere, starting in just over an hour with the red carpet. Wow, the whole gang is there for the LA event! I am not there, as I was not granted a press pass again this year by Starz, which very much sucks eggs. Other bloggers are there, so hopefully you can get a full report elsewhere.

You may live stream the event BY CLICKING HERE.  



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16 comments on “Live Stream the LA Premiere – Info Here

  1. Will not be able to see the Premiere as advertised above. I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada – but I will be glued to the “Telly” on Sunday night watching the best show in town Season 5 of Outlander – The Fiery Cross. I know that Season 5 will be great.

  2. Boo hiss Starz for not inviting Courtney to the premiere! Can’t wait for the next panel discussion for the first episode of Season 5!

  3. Watched first show of Outlannder S.5. On stars….Sam starts it with a “happy Valentine’s day!” USA Pacific x.
    I cried when it started, I had missed them on NEW onscreen Sooo much.

    • Yes, I have, And, I worked the red carpet for the Season 3 premiere in NYC! I don’t know what’s up. I love to do interviews and my blog is obviously dedicated to Outlander, so it’s a very missed opportunity, with no explanation. I’ve let it go the last 2 premieres, but I think I’ll start investigating and speak with someone in charge about it, see if I can get to the bottom of it and be there for Season 6 hopefully!

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