London Season 6 Premiere, the Music!!

For those of you who may not know, the folks who attended the London Season 6 premiere were treated to a live concert of Bear McCreary’s Outlander music performed by the Philharmonia Orchestra and the Philharmonia Chorus Choir!!!  (I think this would’ve been almost my favorite part). I asked Hugh Ross, who plays Mr. Bug, on Instagram if the music was fabulous live, and he replied, “Extraordinary 🙌🙌🙌.”

Here is a video for us to enjoy, so lovely…

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15 comments on “London Season 6 Premiere, the Music!!

  1. Thanks, Courtney. I’m so glad you posted this. I had seen a tiny clip of the music and was entranced. What an arrangement. So stirring and beautiful. Actually an amazing premiere it seems.

  2. I Love this!!!!! Lucky you to be sitting so close. Perhaps this is something you could obtain for a community orchestra/chorus….hmm….may have to look into that.

  3. Oh my God, that music is beautiful….it’s right to the core ,chills, tears….what a treat for the attendees, and us here. THANK YOU Courtney for posting this.

  4. Hi Courtney, I so enjoyed the Red Carpet event. So well done. Edith Bowman does a great job. Plus Sam looking ‘puredeadbrilliant’ gorgeous 😅 Didn’t London do well for the Premiere? !!
    The music for Outlander is amazing. One of the disappointing things for me (with not getting a ticket🙃) was not getting to hear the live music and especially Griogair Labhruidh.
    His version of Moch Sa Mhadainn is goosebump stuff…. its what made the ep. Prestonpans in season 2 such a favourite of mine. And it took you straight back to Scotland in ep 501 when Jamie was opening his chest for his kilt.
    6th March is nearly here….. I’m flying to California at the end of March, staying with friends in Santa Barbara (can’t believe I going), have instructed them to make sure they have Starz so I can watch the new eps. while I’m there..🥰🤪

  5. Thanks Courtney The music was beautiful as always the London Philharmonic classy as ever,living in Australia always feel so far removed from the fandom, you always keep us so well informed,one day hope to get over that end of the world,as I haven’t seen my Sister in 6 years,miss her terribly,but I digress,when I do finally get there,there might be an Outlander fan thing going on. Keep up the good Outlander fan work!!🏆👍😊♥️🇦🇺

  6. I was there and the live music was UNBELIEVABLE! I cried so much. The choir and orchestra were so unexpected and so beautiful,

  7. LOVED every minute of the red carpet interviews….. OUR Sam looked awesome as usual…..Not sure I’m happy with upcoming Fergus and Marsali “issues”. Just listened to the London Philharmonic and choir sharing the music !! Words can’t express how beautiful !!!! You could feel the tension and danger in the accompaniment, as well as the tenderness and love in the Jamie/Claire sections. Needed a tissue !! LOL…. I have all 5 season soundtracks…..Can’t wait to add this one.

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