Looking Very Bond, and Kissing Blonds… Sam’s New Trailer

The official trailer for Sam’s new movie The Spy Who Dumped Me was released on March 21st, and will be in theaters in the States August 3rd, 2018. It also stars the hilarious Kate McKinnon, along with Mila Kunis. This is Sam’s debut on the big screen, and looks like a very fun film, evoking the back slapping Melissa McCarthy film Spy (for me, anyway). I look forward to seeing it. Here’s that trailer…

Sam has two other film trailers floating around – one is the award winning noir thriller Emulsion

And the other is the controversial When the Starlight Ends

(neither of which I’ve seen). If you’ve seen them, what did you think? Weigh in in the comments if you like!

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  1. Emulsion Is very ‘artistic’ . It’s a murder mystery, sort of. I watched it twice, didn’t quite get it, but it was definitely very stylish.

  2. I have seen both films and liked them a lot. Emulsion is really intriguing and Heart of Lightness a romantic classic equally interesting.

    • Where can I find Heart of Lightness? I have bought Emulsion and I really liked it. It is a film noir and only at the end did I realize the story. One has to watch until the end. I have a theory about the story but I do not want to spoil it unless you all want me to.
      I have not see When the Starlight Ends. I ordered it at Amazon then cancelled it when I heard that Sam and his friend Segal, the director, did not support it because the producers changed it. I would like to see it though.

  3. I love Emulsion – actually have watched it repeatedly and it still intrigues and surprises me – it’s a little different, done in the film noir tradition. I’ve only seen the trailer for WTSE’s as I’m waiting for something to play the CD on (new laptop doesn’t have one). I’ve heard a lot of mixed reviews from complaints re Sam’s American accent flaws and discontinuity of the plot to raves at his doing something so different from OL role.
    Guess I’ll judge for myself. I’m an Adam Sigal fan, so will admit that bias up front.

    • Adam Sigal is a long time friend of Sam and this is why Sam played in his movie but both were not happy that the producers changed it.

  4. When the Starlight Ends took me 3 times to figure out what was going on. It was kind of confusing. Then I loved it.
    I just watched Emulsion on Amazon Prime. It is kind of twisted but I did like it. Strange. Haunting. What????????

  5. I loved Emulsion, very quirky and had a great ending, although the friends I saw it with weren’t too keen. I’ve got When the Starlight ends on dvd but not had chance to sit down and watch it yet (arrived a couple of days ago). Will report back when I do!

  6. I’ve seen Emulsion. Don’t think I’ve seen anything else like it to compare it with as I don’t usually watch film noir. I’ll have to watch it again to understand it.

    I cam imagine Sam in a comedy – like he acted in “Couples Therapy”.

  7. If not apparent by now….after a couple of my comments to your great blog….I am a huge Sam fan. While he was casted as Outlander Jamie….a role of any actors’ life time, Sam delivered a daring and stunning Jamie with perfection. But actors by nature seem to need role diversity in their acting career. Some actors have the talent to do so….some do not. Sam possess a huge artistic talent….plus he seems fearless about acting outside his comfort zone. I believe he can handle any role offered….but actors willing to work those roles have to be careful. It is show “business” after all and that money “bottom line” has destroyed many a career with the choices actors have made….you know, those unintended consequences. Sam possess talent that could allow him, and his many fans, to enjoy a very, very long and successful career. Couldn’t happen to a nicer and unique person.

    • I think Sam would be most successful in the period pieces. Of course, I am biased in my opinion, but that is where my first exposure was (Outlander), and where I have come to appreciate his acting. It is where my comfort zone is. Truly, I would follow his acting anywhere he wanted to take it….there was only one other actor that I liked in anything he did and that was Harrison Ford, from Stars Wars, to Witness and Indiana Jones…anything he did. Sam Heughan is the very same.

    • Just caught your post. Like you, I’m a huge Sam fan. You’re so right about consequence of choice. After years of tooling around in movies, commercials, etc., he soared to fame as Jamie in Outlander. A wonderful actor, he has that innate ability to become a believable character in any role he portrays. Still, as time goes on, I sometimes wonder if his physical beauty (putting it mildly) may get in the way of his acting prowess in the eyes of critics who see him as the leading-man type only, reason being that critics are merely human, and sometimes a bit of jealousy lies under the surface of their perspective about whomever they write about. I like to believe that Sam already knows this and will tread carefully, manage his newfound fame, make wise choices, and have many years of success. He is so worth it, as you, me, and his global fanship already know!

  8. Also took me three times watching When the Starlight Ends to figure out the story. It is a wonderful movie and Sam is terrific in it. It is story of lost love. He plays a writer who tries to rewrite the outcome of his ended relationship with Arabella Oz”s character Cassandra hoping for a different outcome. After she encourages him to quit his day job working in an office so that he can concentrate of writing, he reluctantly takes her advice. He has a book published and receives enough money to buy them a car and a house. From them things start to deteriorate for her. She eventually leaves him feeling that he loves his writing more than he loves her. He has never wavered in his love for her and has a hard time moving on. I thought it was very sad movie in many ways! There are a few lighter moments that help lift the mood. Overall, I would highly recommend this film.

  9. I definitely would love to see “Emulsion” and “When the Starlight Ends”. This all goes to prove that Sam is an amazing, brilliant talent. Are the DVDs/Blu-Rays out on the shelf for these 2 movies. I would love to buy them. I live in Canada and hope these are available here. Sam’s Jamie is great creation and thanks to Sam, Jamie is loved by all his fans. There is no one like James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser.

      • Thanks for the quick response. I know I will not be disappointed in them. From what I have read from the various comments on this page – both movies are different in nature. Noir films are very intriguing.

  10. I have watched both Emulsion, which took a few viewings before I got it, then found that I liked it very much. As far as When the Starlight Ends, I had read that there was some problem between the producers and the creative talent and that the film that was released was not as the original was intended. It was okay, a bit choppy in the cutting, but Sam was very good. I’m just not into imagining Jamie Fraser smoking like a train, cursing like a sailor and hanging around in ratty shorts. He was a lot thinner when the movie was shot. But he is a great actor and made even me believe he was a heartbroken writer trying to get the love of his life back. Just glad Jamie didn’t have to go through the same tribulations when he lost Claire.

  11. Emulsion and Heart of Lightness both stream for free on Amazon Prime in the US. There is even a short commentary by Sam called Behind the Emulsion that streams for free. WHOOPEE!

  12. Wow! I haven’t seen “Emulsion” or “Heart of Lightness” – but from what I have read from the various comments above – Sam Hueghan will have an awesome future. I am looking forward to seeing his “The Spy who Dumped Me”. It will be different to watch him in a comedy role – his talents are many. I would love to see him in an action role something like the Indiana Jones movies – something with humour, danger, tons of action – something with character. I love his role as Jamie in “Outlander” – it is so powerful. I am an obsessed “Outlander” fan.

  13. Did not like Emulsion. Sam’s acting was spot on, but I just didn’t like the movie as a whole. It was disturbing.

  14. After reading the comments above, I will definitely have to watch “Emulsion” and “Heart of Lightness” to appreciate them and watch Sam’s tremendous acting. It is sad, though, that in the “Heart of Lightness”, the producers had their way – actors must feel betrayed when this happens.

  15. I really enjoyed the Indy festival version of “Where the Starlight Ends.” I have no idea, though, whether the version that is now out on DVD is in any way similar to the version that I saw since the financiers chose to have it recut to make it more commercial. The original was a thought-provoking analysis of the sacrifices creative people make to indulge their muses and an exploration of the road not taken. My writer hubby, who only went to the film to appease his Out lander-obsessed wife, came away very pleased with it.

    I’ve also seen Emulsion. It was a bit of a mess, poorly edited and it’s message was unclear. I can see where the filmmaker was trying to go, but he failed to get there.

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