Matt Roberts Q&A: Print Shop News, Forecast for S3 Finale, Favorite S1 Episode, and More…

Image Credit: Thank you Vera Adxer of Outlander Love & Art on Facebook, for letting me use your gorgeous rendition of the most anticipated scene of Season 3!!

S3 Finale Forecast: Weeping with intermittent bouts of joy and sighing; chance of screaming.

What a tease!!

Personally, that’s how I like it Matt! We’ve waited this long, and will wait longer, let’s be surprised by what you guys do! How about you? How do you guys feel about it? Your comments are always welcome…

nice job Koko ?


Thanks for the example Judy!

ba dum bum… (that was a joke, he doesn’t have carpel tunnel before you offer hand massages ?)

This question is missing, but I imagine it’s something like, “do you ever get emotional when on set watching filming?”


(December 1, 1993 for Voyager, and 1997 for Drums) Do Outmanders not re-read?



Artist Credit: Vera Adxer Outlander Love & Art on Facebook

(OK guys, PSS is Print Shop Scene, but… I admit I had to look “alepot” up – sorry! I read Voyager again a year ago!!)

This recap of the Voyager PSS comes from and is a MAJOR SPOILER if you haven’t read the books. Proceed at your own risk, you’ve been warned…

Claire walks to the print shop, gathers her courage and enters. Jamie is in the back room, with his back to the door. He assumes that it is his colleague Geordie who has returned and calls out to him. When Claire replies ‘It’s me. Claire’, Jamie turns around. He stares at Claire as she walks towards him and asks him when he broke his nose. When he answers, Claire reaches out and touches Jamie’s nose and he loses all color from his face, whispers ‘you’re real’, and promptly faints, knocking over an alepot as he does so.

Verra clever indeed Mr Roberts…

Thank you Matt!

Shout out from the author…

Matt ended with a follow up question the next day…

The End (for now)

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  1. Vera is now losing money because all of her items were pulled.
    But you can share them and not have Starz pull you??
    Not fair!

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