My Hopes and Predictions for Season 6 Storylines

Photo: Jamie and Claire, Season 5, Starz

The fabulous, wonderful, talented production team is filming away. By my calculations, they are about to start week 12 of filming. At two weeks per episode, that means they’re midway through filming Episode 6, so literally halfway finished with filming the season right now. They may or may not be going in order, we don’t know. Starz announced that there will be a Season 7, and they introduced the actors who are playing the Christies last week (if you haven’t seen that, go to Tom Christie, Malva Christie, and Allan Christie for details). 

Ron gave an interview at the December 2018 Thru The Stones Convention (his wife Terry Dresbach – Costume Designer for Seasons 1-4 was asking the questions), during which he talked about the writing process – from “breaking” a book, to filming. (I will publish my notes from that interview later). Based on what I learned from Ron, these are my hopes and best guesses for the storylines we’ll see in Season 6. (I will do a separate post about what scenes I hope to see).

There are HUGE SPOILERS!! in this post!


Below are the major threads I hope to see developed in Season 6 of Outlander, based on the ABOSAA and An Echo In the Bone books. They are arranged in descending order, and my hope would be that the largest amount of screen time gets devoted to Number 1, and then goes on up the line. OK, here goes…

Number 10 – 

Wendigo Donner & Richard Brown- OK, these two aren’t related, but I put them here at number 10, because I think they are each important to the story, but I hope we don’t see too much time devoted to their parts. Donner is of course involved in the fire (which I do think will be in Season 6), and Richard accuses Claire of murder and takes Jamie, Claire, and Tom Christie “for trial.” Good stuff, but keep it short please guys, because as Antoinette says, “We only have 12 episodes!” 😁


Number 9 –

The Lizzie, Kezzie and Josiah storyline… We’ve had hints from the production that this storyline is in, and it’s a great one, so I hope we see it – again, as a minor thread, vs a major focus. 


Number 8-

The Frenchman’s gold – This storyline seems important, but has not been developed at all so far in the show. Not a problem, they can use flashbacks and improvise. It will be interesting to see how they do it (if they do). If they do do it, I hope it will also be fairly minor. 

The Bugs were introduced last season, but not developed at all. 

Will they bring them back and develop them for their part in this storyline? We will need to get more invested in them for it to work in my opinion. Or will they replace their part with another character or characters? Or take that part out altogether? Richard Brown would fit in nicely, but he was not connected to Bonnet and never went to River Run, that I know of. Lt Wolfe? I don’t think there will be new River Run scenes, as Jocasta (Maria Doyle Kennedy) is not in Scotland filming so far yet this season. Maybe she will head over at some point? We shall see.


Number 7 –

Now getting to some meat. Tom Christie’s storyline, with Claire – repairing his hand, he falling in love, becoming schoolmaster, and I believe they will pull his story forward from An Echo In the Bone – so we’ll see him give his life for Claire, the fire, and the wrap up of that whole thread. Maybe.


Number 6 –

The birth of Henry Christian, Marsali’s fierce protection of him and Fergus’ suffering, attempted suicide, and the move to New Bern to become a printer. Will the production tackle that story as it is in the book? Will they weave in the prosperous gentleman looking for Fergus?  This is likely a hope, as there has never been much focus on Fergus, but I wish. There are beautiful parts involving Fergus in ABOSAA. And Show Marsali is one of my favorite characters. 
Number 5- 
The Malva and Allan Christie storyline – I think the apprenticeship becomes available because Fersali and kids will go to New Bern to do their printing thing. Malva sleeping around on the Ridge, doing some witchy stuff, and also Malva claiming her baby is Jamie’s! The brutal culmination for both these Chrsitie characters. Phew.

Number 4 –

Young Ian’s backstory – working through his grief about Emily and his child. Perhaps helping Jamie as an Indian Agent, his involvement with Malva (ahem), and then Allan Christie! Big moment with the Arch Bug character (or his replacement). They probably still have all of the Native American sets from Season 4, but what about the actors? They came from Canada. And then of course, his journey to Scotland, and a reunion with his parents if they get that far. I would very much love to see Jenny and Ian again.

Number 3 –

The Roger and Bree storyline – Roger becoming a minister, in charge of new settlers, the Christies, Amy McCallum, and making Vrooms. Brianna’s engineering pursuits, Mandy, Claire’s discovery about her heart defect, their return through the stones and back to Lallybroch. The letters. I think we will see Buck again this season as well as possibly meeting Jerry McKenzie.



Number 2 –

The return of William and Lord John Grey – Clearly they won’t meet at Stephen Bonnet’s drowning, but perhaps in Wilmington when they are looking for Mandy’s gemstone. How much of William we get to see, and LJG, is unknown. I know this will likely come toward the end of the season, and I trust Matt to give this reunion (with Jamie & LJG watching them from a window), the space it needs and deserves. I chose this as number 2 because it’s a big moment for the story and the fans, but obviously won’t get more screen time than Numbers 3-7!).


Aaaaand, Number 1 – 

Always number 1, and hopefully getting more screen time than anything else, is the Jamie & Claire relationship – not just the excitement and drama they experience individually and together, but their time to process everything, together. Intimate moments don’t necessarily equate to sex. I hope we get to see lots of time with just the two of them, and them with their grandkids and family. In addition to: Claire making ether, performing surgeries, Jamie as an Indian agent, his political maneuvers, The Christies, Mandy, Roger and Bree leaving, the epidemic, Claire’s almost fatal illness, Claire’s attempt to save Malva’s baby, Richard Brown and Claire’s time with/ rescue from governor Martin, the frenchman’s gold, the fire, and preparing to go back to Scotland, if not going.
Obviously, I and we will no doubt love whatever the talented production team has come up with, but it is verra fun to imagine and speculate~
For all my latest Season 6 news in the new Featured Favorites Section, along with some interesting posts about Herself.

Have a wonderful rest of your day xo 

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46 comments on “My Hopes and Predictions for Season 6 Storylines

  1. LOL! They could get 20 years of material from this series of books and still have a wonderful show. There is just SO MANY fantastic story lines that just don’t get to make the cut. I think the writers do a commendable job of condensing these BIG books down to just 12 episodes per season and if you are just show watchers (and not book readers) these seasons are a great show. I am just greedy and would love to see each book be done in 2-3 seasons – LOL!

  2. Wow Courtney! If everything you suggest comes to pass it will be a jam packed season!!! ABOSA was one of my favourite books and I dearly hope that the writers have done it justice! Thank you again for all your hard work in writing these scenarios!!! Can’t wait!!!!

  3. Hi Courtney. As always, thank you for the detailed update! On another note, how are the other BTS ladies doing? I miss your discussions as much as the show. Kindest regards to all.

    • Hi Terry! Everyone is well, but life has pulled us all in different directions for the moment. We are staying in close touch, and are looking for our next opportunity to do discussion. Thanks for asking and your well wishes. x

  4. The news of the Christie castings was so exciting but the Season 7 announcement had me overjoyed!!! Unfortunately, I had thoughts interspersed with giggles. Do you think they will end with Jemmy in the tunnel? He was in that tunnel for ever so long! 🌞🌻

    • If these predictions come true, Fraser’s Ridge is in a lot of hot water this season. If we follow the book, of course they do. That’s what makes it interesting. I just might have to watch it with my eyes closed during the difficult scenes. I can’t wait.

  5. I am hoping that your predictions and hopes do materialize. It is quite an adventure following all the different lives developing in River Run, following Fergus and Marsali – what a struggle for that young couple, following Bree and Roger – what unexpected paths for them. If your predictions are right on the button, Season 6 will be amazing. The greatest focus of course, and one that I am looking forward to is of Jamie and Claire – they are Outlander and the reasons we love Outlander. I could watch them for hours, their discussions, their fights, the very rare love they share. Well, that was a mouth full – but I am putting my bets on your predictions Courtney – thank you for keeping us all updated with the Frasers and the ongoing production of Season 6.

    • They will have to be very economical with their time and resources to get everything in, (they won’t get everything in), but I do hope they focus on the characters and storylines we love, vs spending a whole episode on Wendigo Donner, for example, or on Roger’s journey to become a minister. 😏

  6. There could always be extraneous story lines filmed when season 7 and (8)? are completed. What do you all think?

  7. I’d also like to see an emphasis on the discovery that Jemmy can roll his tongue. That was brilliant in the book..when they discovered that genetically, Roger had to be jems father.

  8. #wonderful summary Courtney. I too have such hopes for Season 6 and all the content you have quoted! Fingers crossed we may get to see Season 6 by the end of this year! xx

  9. Wow Courtney, what a great wish list! Can’t say that I disagree with any of it. You do such a marvelous job of keeping us posted on all things Outlander. Really looking forward to the Season 6 episode discussions…Cheers!

  10. Oh I hope you are right. So excited just reading this I can’t wait to actually see it.
    If LJG and William are in it I’m wondering if they have picked the actor for William??
    Thank you so much for your information!

  11. The writers like to include a battle in almost all their seasons. What do you think about them including the battle of Moore’s Creek. Very much the time that Jamie announced to the world he was a rebel and the last time a highland charge was used in a battle.

    • I do think they will include that. I think I may have left it out from this post – or it falls under “political maneuvers” – but yes, I think it will be in – with a scene with Duncan Lacroix – my guess.

  12. Excellent synopsis of hopeful filming for Season 6. I like all the themes and do hope they can get a lot in with only 12 episodes. I am always for more and more. My hope also is that the main theme, for me throughout all the books, is the connection between Claire and Jamie. I need romance and long term marriage compatibility–intimacy is always good to see too! I love all the side stories, especially like the Marsali/Fergus characters. Thank you for this. A fun read that has me excited for when this comes to TV. I have started reading the book again and love comparing it to how they put it on screen.

  13. I remember reading a comment from a member of the cast (sadly I can’t remember who it was) that Fergus has an “interesting” storyline coming up this season. So that gives me hope that we will see the Fergus/Marsail/Henri-Christian storyline come to life.

    • I agree with you Anna. I believe Fergus should be given a more interesting storyline. He and Marsali are a very brave and intelligent couple – they’ve had a lot of ups and downs, grief and uncertainty. I believe that in reality living in those years in history, their lives would have been almost impossible. But they seem very resourceful and keep on surviving. Fergus has been in the Fraser family from his very young years – he deserves more spotlight (so to speak in movie terms) to show where his future will lead.

    • Oh! That’s wonderful Anna! If you can remember who made the comment, and possibly where, please let me know!

      • Courtney, I found this. From Matt Carter:

        “star Lauren Lyle teased to TVLine that there is also going to be some big stuff coming for Marsali and Fergus (Cesar Domboy) following the events of the finale:

        …We love the fact that they’re one of the only couples that don’t fight that much, and we don’t argue that much. I mean, there’s stuff I can’t really talk about. I do know some stuff is going to happen with them next season that’s very much them together, so that will happen, but it’ll be a totally different situation to what you’ve seen them in before.”

        🤷‍♀️ We’ll see what happens! 👩

    • Yes, I also read that. I really like Fergus & Marsaili and would like to see some more of them, but still keep the focus on Jamie & Claire.

  14. My 2 cents’ worth. We seldom see Claire have any self doubt. Some understandably when considering her return to Jamie after 20 years apart but I think it is very noteworthy that while her rational mind doesn’t believe Malva’s story about Jamie being the father of her child, she is fraught with insecurities that are consistent with menopause. ” You’re an old woman. See how the veins stand out on your hands. Your flesh has fallen away from your bones; your breasts sag” (ABOSAA, p. 1043). Beyond that is the thought that maybe he was desperate; needing comfort. Why would she think that? IMO, I think married couples of long standing begin to take their lives and partnership for granted and that can be a mistake. I think there must always be a bit of tension; an awareness that your partner is a sexual human being with needs and desires. So Malva’s character provides a test that binds Jamie and Claire even closer than before.

  15. Gosh Courtney, I reckon you have said it all in a nutshell. Especially with your number 1. Without Jamie and Claire there is no show. (Well for me!🙃) But with so much to potentially get through i hope ‘the powers that be’ will not skimp on them?
    12 episodes are just not enough….
    Thanks for all your work on these blogs, they are very appreciated.

  16. So much to fit in in one season. Good thing they moved up other parts of ABOSSA to Season 5. Do you know if any of the episodes are longer than an hour? In the first few seasons we had several longer eps. I am hoping with only 12 episodes they might make them a little longer!!

    • Hi Laura – what do you mean by longer? I think we had a 90 minute finale in one of the earlier seasons, but did we have more than that? Trying to remember…

  17. One thing you did not mention is Ian showing Bree the mastodon. I hope they include it. I think it could be visually cool.

    • I am working on a separate piece with specific scenes I hope to see, and that one’s on the list. For this post, “Young Ian’s backstory – working through his grief about Emily and his child,” covers it. They could easily do that one with CGI I would think??

  18. First off, I am so happy you are safe. I know, what are the chances you were in that store, but still.

    I love all of your suggestions and agree wholeheartedly with every aspect that you mentioned. Stick to important stuff guys!

    • Thank you Susie, actually the chances were high that someone in my family couldn’t been there – that store is .03 miles from my house and we are there all the time. Our town is heavy with heart break over this tragedy, and I thank God no one in my family was there yesterday. 😢

        • Thank you Vicki. We are in shock, but the community is coming together, and we will get through this. Just senseless. I look forward to a time when we see this as a finite barbaric time period that has ended. Mass shootings shoot not be a thing. Ever. x

  19. Thank you for this lovely article .
    I was wondering if you have seen the picture of Richard taking pictures of a man with black hair? Could he be Jerry Mackenzie ? Thank you,
    Best Wishes Dianne Scarchilli

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