*** UPDATED New Orleans, Here We Come… Wizard World Details

Photo: Sam Heughan as Jamie Fraser, Season 1, WizardWorld.com


*****TO WATCH SAM’s Wizard World PANEL, Go HERE ➡️Sam’s Wizard World Panel. *****

*****TO WATCH THE OutlanderBTS Discussion panel, Go HERE ➡️OutlanderBTS, The Discussion: Wizard World 2020. *****


Wizard World has officially started!  I have some great news for OutlanderBTS The Discussion fans, we are doing a fan panel! Yahooo! All four of us will be there, and we can’t wait to discuss Outlander with each other, and with you! 

If you’e coming and you aren’t familiar with our discussion group, check us out! OutlanderBTS Episode Discussions.

We will also be on hand for an informal gathering at the end of the day Saturday. Come to the Omni Riverfront hotel between 7:00 and 8:00PM; we’ll be gathering in the bar/lobby area for libations and more chatting. This is not a catered event, so please bring your own pocketbook. ?

Schedules are subject to change, so check this main Wizard World page for updates on guest schedules, and for buying and signing up for Photo Ops, Autographs, and Meet and Greets, etc.: Wizard World New Orleans.

Did everyone get the news that Maria Doyle Kennedy, John Bell, and Ed Speleers will also be at Wizard World next weekend? They are each available for Meet & Greets, Photos, and Autographs on Sunday.

This is the latest Outlander schedule I saw posted by Wizard World. I will update this post when I see new info or changes, so refer back here, or go to the Wizard World site

******UPDATED FRIDAY – OUTLANDER Wizard World scheduleCLICK HERE for full schedule.

10:30-12:00 Sam Heughan Q&A  

Location: New Orleans Theater

*****TO WATCH SAM’s Wizard World PANEL, Go HERE ➡️Sam’s Wizard World Panel. *****

Platinum Meet & Greets 12:30, Room 283

See above schedule for Photo Ops

5:30-6:15 OutlanderBTS Lasses Fan Panel (Woot woot!) 

Location: Room 295

*****TO WATCH THE OutlanderBTS Discussion panel, Go HERE ➡️OutlanderBTS, The Discussion: Wizard World 2020. *****

7:00-8:00PM OutlanderBTS Lasses gathering at the Omni Riverfront hotel – lobby bar area


Sunday, January 5th:

John Bell Meet & Greet 11:00AM 

Location: Room 286

Maria Doyle Kennedy Meet & Greet 12:00PM

Location: Room 286

Ed Speleers Meet & Greet 1:00PM

Location: Room 286

For photo ops and autographs, refer to the link above.

We got some new material for our Wizard World panel today! Woot! The official Season 5 trailer… We will definitely discuss this in our panel.

Starz also gifted us with the new opening credits for Season 5 on Christmas day, and we will definitely discuss it in the panel on Saturday. If you haven’t seen it yet…

We will also discuss the sneak peek at scenes from Episode 501.


We’ll talk about scenes we’re looking forward to, and we’ll touch on Season 4 and Bees briefly.

I’m looking very forward to seeing my BTS lass buddies and lots of you at Wizard World! If you think you’re coming, give a shout out below in the comments.



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35 comments on “*** UPDATED New Orleans, Here We Come… Wizard World Details

  1. Have a fantastic time with the BTS Ladies and Outlander Fans, Courtney! Can’t wait to hear all about it from you here!
    Happy New Year!

  2. Congratulations Courtney, Catherine, Karmen and Antoinette!!! Yours will be the most fun, and fascinating as always, panel at the event – I have no doubt. Have a great time and bring back lots of stories for us. xxx Diane

  3. Have a wonderful time one and all…wish I could have pulled this off! O due keep us posted, Court…looking forward to what you can share.

  4. Oh Courtney, this is all such great news!! I’m coming by myself from northern California and I am just thrilled that all four of you gals will be there and you can be sure I will be at the cocktail party afterwards with you! I am beside myself with excitement as I have never attended anything like this nor have I ever been to New Orleans. I have doctor friends who attend comic cons all over the place, so now I will find out what it’s all about.

    I changed my hotel reservations to the Hyatt right across the way from the event center as my previous hotel arrangements were pretty far away and believe it or not, I got a better deal at the Hyatt! Go figure! I feel much more secure about being on my own now.

    Beyond excited!
    Suzie Frew-Harris

    • That sounds like a good move Susie. I know quite a few people are staying at the Hyatt. Maybe you guys could start an email or chat group and walk over together? See you soon! x

      • That would be neat, don’t know who to contact or how, if you do, let me know. Thanks, see you in just a few days!

        • Actually I miss spoke, I’m at the Hilton, not the Hyatt, (both start with an H!) but both still much closer to the convention center and the Omni.

  5. How nice for you girls to get together (I enjoy your Discussions)! I don’t get to things like this any more, but look forward to hearing all about it here at your site at some point. Enjoy your time, and thanks for sharing.

  6. Woo-hoo! Thanks for the details, Courtney! Looking forward to meeting you and your “crew” in New Orleans!! My friend and I ended up at the Marriott, but they’re pretty close together. Will be my first time meeting any Outlander actors – hopefully, as we missed out in Chicago. We’ll raise a glass together soon!

    • Hi Diane, you can fly into Louis Armstrong International Airport in New Orleans, and people are staying at the Omni, Hilton, Hyatt, and Marriott nearby. Tickets can be purchased via the link in the post. ?

  7. Courtney! Thank you so much for these details and how wonderful that the Discussion Group will be holding a panel! Will be there with bells on. So excited! Can’t wait to meet all of you! Will be staying in the French Quarter with husband (who has a looong list of non-Outlander NOLA stuff he wants to do in our 3.5 days there), but have reserved Saturday for WizWorld and would love to go to meet and greet with John Bell on Sunday.

  8. Hi Courtney,
    I’m planning to attend your session. I’m so looking forward to it. Will try to get by the Omni too.

  9. I am going!
    I live in New Orleans and got the VIP2 Sam H package.
    I have not ever been to a comiccon before but looking forward to it although not sure what to expect,
    BTW My husband has a podcast about New Orleans if anyone is looking for info about the city.

  10. Hi. This is my 1st time traveling alone to a place I have never been there before. I would like someone to help me how can gwt a driver to take me to my hotel. I also would like any hotel closets to the

    • Diane, you can take Uber to the hotel or a taxi at the airport. The Hyatt and the Omni Riverfront are both very close hotels. xo

  11. Hi Courtney,

    My daughter and I will be attending, also first time visiting New Orleans. I have been checking but have not seen times posted for photos. Hope to meet you.

  12. Hi Courtney,

    My daughter and I will be attending, also first time visiting New Orleans. I have been checking but have not seen times posted for photos. Hope to meet you.

  13. Courtney, I am home sick, missing the whole weekend….I am gutted!
    Was really looking forward to seeing Sam, of course, but also to your panel, and meeting the other lasses! Next time!
    Have fun, looking forward to your posts!?

  14. Hi. I wish I could have attended Wizard World Con. I am home, because I could not get a flight from my local Airport nor the other 2 that are 1 hour away. I tired. I was looking forward to yours and jamie’s panel. I hope you and all had a great time❤I hope to get another chance

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