(New) Longer Version of Sam & Caitriona Original Chemistry Test

Well, this never gets old… In case you missed it, a new (longer) version of Sam and Caitriona’s original chemistry test has surfaced, thanks to Fraser’s Ridge Brasil. This one includes the “bear hug” moment we’ve heard about over the years. Enjoy…

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16 comments on “(New) Longer Version of Sam & Caitriona Original Chemistry Test

  1. Awwwww! I loved it. So honest and what chemistry those two have. Love them both! Thank you for sharing. A real treasure.

  2. Wow!! Thanks for posting, Court! Interesting to see how the script changed from the screen test to the actual show. Their chemistry is obvious. We are fortunate to have Sam and Cait as Jamie and Claire!

  3. Thank you for posting Courtney! I love this video…and every time I watch it I think to myself, boy oh boy…little did they know!

  4. I just loved this – thank you – this happens to also be one of my favorite scenes in the series – It show Sam’s true acting range. THANK YOU>

  5. I thank you for sharing this chemistry-test! And I enjoyed seeing it again and again, be it differnt, shorter or how it finally came out. Sam and Caitriona are the right Jamie and Claire! I love them!

  6. This is awesome! I understand there is another screen test that includes a kiss…would love to see that one too!

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