OutlanderBTS: NYC, 2019, Day 1 & Happy Birthday Caitriona!!!

Good Gawd, this city! I love to open my senses and walk down the street, listening to snippets of conversations weave by, emerging from the myriad faces, of every skin tone, bone structure, age, and race, topped by hair of any kind, or no hair, hats, scarves, on bodies adorned individually, of all shapes and sizes. I hear French, Japanese, Korean, Swahili, Greek, Italian… and the accents I hear in English… New York, South Carolina, New Jersey, Senegal, Swedish, etc. All in the span of a few city blocks. C’est Magnifique! 

I’ll be honest. I don’t like Comic Cons. They are very overstimulating for me. So, I didn’t go today. But Karmen was there!

And she saw Graham McTavish,  doing a panel for CASTLEVANIA (voice of Dracula).


Photo credit: Outlander Anatomy

The others are descending… Ginger Zee will be moderating the panel tomorrow, and interviewed Herself today…

Photo: Ginger Zee, instagram

Maria Doyle Kennedy arrived last night… saying “It’s always a pleasure to see you NYC”

Photo: MDK instagram

David and Duncan were hanging out today in NYC, doing their shopping together! 🙂

Photo: David Berry, insta

and up to no good – apparently secretly signing Outlander books! Wee de’ils!

Video: David Berry, insta

Here is the schedule for tomorrow…

Ginger Zee is asking for questions on Twitter for the panel tomorrow… her Twitter address is @Ginger_Zee if you’d like to participate! Link here: Tweet Ginger. She put up some photos taken at a mid Season 5 press visit she did on set. I am sure we will see these interviews when the season is ready to air. (Photos below).

After the panel, come to the Algonquin hotel to meet myself and the other BTS lasses. There may be some surprise guests as well, one never knows…

For details: OutlanderBTS The Discussion Group Meet Up.


Also tomorrow – I don’t know what time though…

Sunday there is a signing with Diana and Tara Bennett…

If you wonder where Richard and Sophie are…

Photos from Ginger’s mid season interviews… (all photos from Ginger’s instagram acct)

Last but not least, a VERY happy birthday to Caitriona Balfe! (I believe today marks the big 4-0 for Cait!) Photo: Outlandish Bakers, instagram

For the SEASON 5 TRAILER and Hulu panel from Saturday night, GO HERE.

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That’s a wrap for today! xo

9 comments on “OutlanderBTS: NYC, 2019, Day 1 & Happy Birthday Caitriona!!!

  1. Thank you so much Courtney for the great photos and videos. I particularly like the ones of David and Duncan. Enjoy yourself in NYC.

      • Hi Courtney, thank for all the pictures and video but where is the one where you speak Swahili? I was born in the Congo and this was what the native spoke but also lingala. I still know some of the words. My parents were fluent. I was 12 when we had to leave.

        • Hi lovely Astrid! I don’t speak any Swahili, unfortunately. I did have a cab driver from Côte d’Ivoire who taught me a few words in Mandingo, but I could not begin to spell it!! I would love to hear you speak Swahili or lingala. xo

          • I remember mutoto (child), kwaheri (goodbye), kisu (knife), yambo (bonjour), apana (here). I think this is all. We also used to call mudd, potopot.

  2. First – A belated Happy Birthday to Caitriona. An amazing actress and woman. Next, thank you sharing the videos above – loved them all.

    • I think it will follow it. I think we got a clear indication from Diana that they spend a fair amount of time on Murtagh’s story, (and as you know, Murtagh is not in FC), so I think those bits will take away from the story that follows the books. I love Duncan’s portrayal of Murtagh, and also I really dig Maria Doyle Kennedy as Jocasta, so I will likely enjoy those parts. As to the regulator drama, not sure. That was never my favorite part in FC, just a function of the times and a reality of history, and a way to move the story forward too. We shall see.

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