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Wow. As if the filming schedule is not enough, the awards circuit seems equally demanding, if you happen to be one Caitriona Balfe. No doubt exhausting, it’s a good problem to have, professionally for Cait, and for the show. While folks in the US relaxed over the long Presidents’ Day weekend, Caitriona was busy making the rounds.

Congratulations to Caitriona! She won the IFTA (Irish Film and Television Academy) award on February 15th in Dublin, for Actress in a leading role, Drama. It must feel great to be recognized in her home country.

The following evening she appeared on Ireland’s RTÉ Late Late Show with Ryan Tubridy. Here’s that “lovely” (said in an Irish brogue) interview, in which Caitriona did talk about how she was discovered as a model in her small village, “raunchy” sex on Outlander, the way it is in Hollywood, working with Sly Stallone, and her engagement to Tony. I love that her Irish accent comes out more in these interviews with her countrymen and women. (The full video has been removed, so the bit about the old guys and Sly is the only part left). 


Before the ceremony, on the IFTA red carpet, Cait mentioned that she and Tony will not set a wedding date in 2018 (too busy), and that Season 4 filming will finish in the end of June. Since post production takes about 2 months per episode, and glancing at the actors’ scheduled appearances at various fan gatherings, I will venture to guess that we are looking at a similar release date to Season 3 – around September 9th, 2018. I repeat, this is a guesstimate.

In another red carpet interview, Cait talks about working with Maria Doyle Kennedy on Season 4… For more on Maria Doyle Kennedy, Go HERE.

On her way up to the podium to accept her IFTA, Cait gave her betrothed a smooch, and in her speech she said, “To Tony thanks for putting up with me, when I’m grumpy after spending 12 hours in a forest in Scotland.”

Here she is with her award… a true beauty, inside and out.

Before heading to London, Caitriona and Tony were spotted on the streets of Dublin, doing some shopping.

On February 17th, Cait attended the Chanel Pre-BAFTA Nominees Party at Mark’s Club Mayfair in London.

On Sunday, February 18th, Caitriona attended the Roland Mouret fashion show at The National Theatre as part of London Fashion Week.

And that night, she and Tony attended the 2018 British Academy Film Awards at the Royal Albert Hall. Cait again chose black in support of the Time’s Up movement, and commented that she entered show business at age 30, so did not endure what many young actresses have, but wants to continue supporting the respectful treatment and equal pay for all in the industry. 

It was a long night, and she sent a 3:00AM tweet to AudiUK thanking them for getting her through her chaotic day.

The next day, Cait was at Moda Operandi Celebrates Delpozo’s Arrival at London Fashion Week, looking no worse for the wear (it’s all that training doing night shoots as Claire no doubt!)

And later that day she attended the Erdem show at the National Portrait Gallery.

Cait even did some modeling during London Fashion Week for Delpozo in Vogue’s Best Street Style Photos. 

*SPOILERS for non-book readers:

So, what happened with filming while Cait’s been away? Photos and video poured in this past week from on location in Culross, and among others we saw Sophie Skelton and Nell Hudson(!!) For those of you reading or re-reading Drums of Autumn, you’ll know what they’re likely filming. I don’t like to spoil the costumes, sets, and show plot points before the whole thing comes out, for myself as well as others, but here’s one not very spoilery photo from last week’s filming…


CineAddiction awards also came out last week. Fan votes determine winners, and this year included: Caitriona, for best actress in a leading role in a drama series, Outlander, for best drama series, and Sam, for best actor in a leading role in a drama series. Congrats to all!


I’m no industry expert, but I am left scratching my head about why Sam is consistently (so far) overlooked for awards given by industry media and experts (Golden Globes, Emmys, BAFTA,s). I had a brief exchange with TV News blogger, Matt Carter about it, and he had this to say:

Matt: It’s hard to read into the minds of voters, but my perception seems to be that Sam may not be immediately recognized as a lead as much even though he is. It’s ultimately hard for shows sometimes to have two different leads acknowledged as such — it happens occasionally, but it’s difficult

(Now, clearly, Sam is recognized as a lead in the show by fans, but Matt’s referring to industry people and media folks who actually vote on these things.)

Courtney: I’ve also heard that there is more competition in the lead male category than in the lead female – any validity to that?

Matt: It’s interesting; I think there are more potential male candidates but also fewer locks. It may be harder for Sam to get a nomination but, if nominated, he may have a better chance at a win because there are few overwhelming favorites

Time will tell. We believe in you Sam!

So many congrats to Caitriona on her well deserved recognition for her role as Claire. We look forward to Sam joining you at those podiums, for his spectacular portrayal of Jamie.


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PS This just in… this awesome woman is now running the London Marathon to raise money for World Child Cancer! Click the link to donate and support Cait supporting a great cause…


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