BTS What’s New: That’s a Wrap! S4 Filming is Finished, Disco Party, Matt Roberts Q&A, Fan Cons, S5 Updates…

Photo: from Matt Roberts on Twitter, courtesy of

Filming finished for Season 4 of Outlander this past week, and the elated cast and crew sent messages out on Twitter to mark the occasion…

Here is a memento video taken by Cait of Sam, asking a fan question, on their last night shoot. I didn’t hear what flavor he chose though…?

Maril is such a great leader…

After wrapping, the cast and crew were treated to a disco party on Friday night, including pre and post parties. Photos below…








And post party hangover shot…


Photos from Twitter: Jon Gary Steele, Barry Waldo, Kiki Fleming, Outlander Spain, and John Bell.


Matt Roberts reminded us in a two part Twitter Q&A last week (at UK and US friendly times) that filming is only part of the process, and work on Season 4 is far from over…

Q do you get any time off between 4 and 5 ?
A There’s still much to do before we are finished … filming aka production is only 1/4 of the making of a show: writing/prep/production/post

Photo: Matt Roberts and Richard Rankin on location of Season 4, Outlander, Scotland

Here are some additional highlights from Matt’s Q&A:

Q What was your favorite part of filming season 4 that you can’t wait for the fans to see?
A “The Meeting”

Q What is your favorite episode of season 4 that you directed? Don’t say what’s happening there – only the number of the Ep. ?
A I don’t have favorites — but I will say that Caitriona and Sam are their usual brilliant selves throughout — Richard & Sophie will blow folks away. And I’m verra excited for you to meet the new cast members – they are all amazing.

Caitlin O’Ryan, who plays Lizzie Wemyss in Season 4. 

what new character are you most excited for fans to see
A I’m excited for everyone to see all the couples

Matt: be prepared to fall for this guy

Courtney’s notes: I was just at a fan convention with John Bell, and he has personality GALORE. He shared some tidbits about Season 4 that made me extremely excited to see his portrayal. 

Q This video made my day! But some are very nervous seeing Young Ian in regular garb on last day of shooting if you get my meaning. Worried an essential element of his story and arc is being changed.
A We film out of order

What are the major narrative arcs for season 4?
A What is Home? What is family?

Apart from the midges, what’s been the most challenging part of filming?
A Creating the American Colonies but Jon Gary Steele and team was up to the task

Caitriona, Season 4, after a particularly midge-filled night shoot. 

Courtney’s notes: I was just in Scotland, staying just down the street from where they were shooting, and I can attest to the midges! Most people stay indoors at the time of night these guys were shooting, and for good reason! 

Q How hard was it to match Scotland for North Carolina & did you scout NC first for comparison?
A Yes, I went to North Carolina and drove across the state and all through the Blue Ridge Mountains. Scotland can play NC quite well (except for the weather) although this year we had a wee heatwave here in Glasgow

What was the most challenging scene to shoot in S4?
A There were a lot. This was our most challenging season

I feel like you’ve said that for every season ?
A Because they aren’t getting any easier

Q How many episodes did you and TG write together this season?
A  Two

Courtney’s notes: I am pumped about this. The only thing better than an episode written by Toni or Matt, is one written by Toni and Matt! 

Matt on Easter eggs… Easter eggs are nods to the book readers …

Q Do you enjoy a holiday now?
A Not the Producers… we have to post the shows.

 Using 3 words, how would you describe Season 4?
A Drums of Autumn 

Such a Matt answer!!! And on Season 5…

Q When do you start to plan for season 5 in terms of storylines, scripts, and production? 
A We are well on our way …

Q Do you already know when the shooting for Season 5 starts?
A  Yes

And a few others…

Today is the . Would you share which Jamie/ Claire kissing scene you’ve written you were most anxious see on screen?
A That’d have to be when Jamie asks if he can kiss Claire after 20 years apart… and then, of course, they share a kiss.

Q When I travel, I like to see amazing new landscapes. I know you don’t get much, if any, vacation time, but what are your favorite places to visit,
A My bed… after a long day

Q If you were an actor, which character on Outlander would you want to be and why?
A That’s easy — Clarence. No one plays an ass like me

Are there ever days you wake up and say “ugh, I have to go to work”?
A Of course. There’s very little glamour in the glamorous film/tv biz

For the full Q&A, go to Erin Conrad’s Three If By Space Site.

In other news, the fan convention season is in full swing. Land Con 2 kicked it off the weekend of June 30, and I was lucky enough to attend. Full story to come…



Here is a wee BTS video from the illustrious Green Room at Land Con 2 courtesy of Lauren Lyle – very serious thesbians working on their crafts…

Over the weekend of June 15, Graham and Lotte were in Denver at the Denver Comic Con. I was also there, and did my first (and DCC’s first ever) fan panel for Outlander, along with A Dram of Outlander and Outlander Medicine. We had a really great discussion and a fun time. Video of that is coming shorty.

For Graham and Lotte’s panel at DCC, click here.

And for the record, Graham seems to be following me around, ?as he showed up in Glasgow last weekend, and took this crew out for dinner on Sunday night…

Photo: Sam, Graham, Duncan, Caitriona, Sophie, and Marina at dinner in Glasgow

Earlier that week, Outlander won the Saturn Award for best fantasy TV series, and Diana was on hand to accept the award.

Next weekend on July 14th, some lucky fans will be having dinner and a ceilidh with David Berry in North Carolina. 

As I am in Ireland at the moment, on holiday with my wee family, I am gifting a SiIlver ticket to this event to one of my lucky Patrons. For more on that, Click here: Patron Thank you, David Berry Dinner. I will be announcing the recipient of that ticket today.

That’s a wrap, as always, thanks for reading xo


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