Oldie but Goodie Interview with Sam + Quick S4 Update

Photo: Popsugar, S3 Premiere, NYC

Enjoy this look back at an April 2015 interview with Sam, done as part of the press tour for releasing the second half of Season 1. Ahh, how far we’ve come since then!

It’s hard to imagine Sam taking months off from the gym! ?

The making of Season 4 is now in full swing. According to my calculations, they’ve just passed the halfway mark in filming (yipeee!). They should’ve completed the table read (to see a table read, go HERE) for Block 4 earlier this week, and begun filming the 7th episode (out of 13 total) in the last day or so.

Let’s see a show of hands for everyone reading Drums of Autumn right now? ? (I’m guessing that’s a lot of hands!) I am listening to Drums of Autumn on audible, and I’m quite impressed with the beautiful interpretation and varying accents of Davina Porter, from Fergus to Young Ian, to Claire to Rollo, and everyone in between. Brianna doesn’t sound overly American, but she seems to be a tough character to nail down in general.

Exciting things to come in this next season! Enjoy this look back…




6 comments on “Oldie but Goodie Interview with Sam + Quick S4 Update

  1. I am reading book 4 for the 2nd time. I was looking forward to Brianna seeing Jamie for the first time and vica versa and now dreading the capture of poor Rodger almost to the point of not wanting to read on. Then the very dear moments between father and daughter with Brianna sitting on Jamie’s lap. It reminded me of my older sister doing the same after a chimney fire in her apartment, about the same age as Brianna. So many more moments to look forward to! What a wonderful author Diana is !!!

  2. I like listening too but I also have the book to clarify I love the emphasis of the voices she sounds like Cait (so says Diana) it’s much more exciting to listen really think Divina Porter (Diana put that name in family tree too funny huh??) is really good…thx for all your work and info Adele

    • Adele- we are driving back and forth from the mountains a lot these days and I love listening! I didn’t realize she’s in the family tree. I love Diana…

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