On a Lighter, Distinctly Adorable Note…

I’m still making my way through the many comments about my last bunch of posts, as the situation generated a lot of conversation, understandably. We all feel passionately! As individuals, we each have our own unique perspectives, but one thing we usually have in common, is feeling passionate about Outlander!

I have to imagine, since TV Line and The Scottish Sun both ran pieces, and Diana, Cait, and Sam, as well as others from the show responded, that someone in a decision making position got the message. That’s my hope anyway…. 

Scotland is definitely eye candy (and more) in the show…. Many of us have been to Scotland because of Outlander; I love the people and the land, and I never want to leave when I visit. I know many of us feel the same.

Here is a brief conversation between a wee Scottish lassie and her da’ about summer break for us to enjoy. I guess it all depends on your perspective, doesn’t it? This little girl has a similar age range for Premiums! (but then again, she is 3 ?). 







And for the record: Soft play is activities for small children in an indoor area with play equipment made from soft materials.

Have a fabulous day! xo


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14 comments on “On a Lighter, Distinctly Adorable Note…

    • Mark Nelson is a very well known Scottish comedian and Isla is his daughter.They often appear in short sketches on Scottish tv.This one is from last year..Isla won an award a couple of years ago as best comedy newcomer or something similar..the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.?????????

    • We were stationed at Holy Loch Scotland with the US Navy for several years….and lived in the town of Sandbank by Dunoon……….and one of the first things we heard when we go there was to plan ahead for Summer……the one day of Summer. We thought it was a joke. We were wrong. But overall the climate was great…..if a bit rainy at times….never too hot nor too cold. And the beauty of Scotland is so worth it.

  1. I agree Courtney, Adorbs! Staged or not, still very cute! I especially love the line, “We’ve had our summer last Tuesday afternoon, this is Scotland Da! I thought she was going to say, we could watch Outlander! Anyway, thanks again for sharing. I’ll show this and more of your recent posts to my Droughtlander newby friend that I’ve turned on to Outlander and now she’s hooked!

  2. Scotland has always been on my bucket list, as I am Scottish Irish. Now that I’m a huge outlander fan, I really want to see it! I love the incredible acting, the beautiful scenery and the cinematography so much!

  3. Like Courtney, I never want to leave when visiting Scotland. I’ve traveled a lot, but cannot name a place I found more beautiful. Last trip, it only rained once in the 10 days I was there, and although it was early May, I never felt cold.

    My daughter gifted me a wee square foot of land in Glencoe, and my ancestors belonged to one of the Clan MacLean’s septs, so although we American citizens are no longer permitted to permanently reside in the UK, I will spend as much time as I can in Scotland.

  4. Thank you soooo much for the reminder that people are basically fun-loving beings. This is delightful, and I will “flag” it so that I can easily find it when necessary. “…not 33!”

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