Outlander Behind The Scenes and William Shatner, et al welcome Mrs. Fitz to Twitter!

Our beloved Mrs. Fitz, Annette Badland, has joined the ranks of Twitter. You can follow her at @AnnetteBadland1. I had the pleasure of meeting Annette and briefly chatting with her in March of this year, in Cologne, Germany at The Gathering (@Gathering_2017). She was supposed to appear in Season 2 of Outlander, but a conflict in her EastEnders filming schedule made that impossible. I asked her what her favorite thing about doing Outlander was (on or off screen) and she said, meeting and working with Sam Heughan, he’s an exceptional guy. (I’m not quoting that, because I’m not sure those were her EXACT words, but they are close.)   


We certainly hope to see her in upcoming flashbacks! She had this to say on Twitter today:

She is being welcomed by the ranks: (this list will grow no doubt, as the day goes on, so check back) Bill Shatner was right in there with his welcome, of course!

(yes, please! We’d all love to see that!!!)

For full part 5 interview with Àdhamh, CLICK HERE

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