Outlander Behind The Scenes Spotlight on Giving: Join @ThePeakPosse in Helping @CahonasScotland to Increase Awareness about Testicular Cancer (video below narrated by our own Sam Heughan)


There are 2 (two ways to enter the raffle):

Each person is able to enter the raffle (1) one time on the Rafflecopter website.

Login using Facebook or your email.

Select the ‘1 entry per person’ option.

Note: Please read the entire option for directions to enter the raffle more than once.

Select Enter

Donate to Cahonas Scotland by making a
donation through ThePeakPosse JustGiving page.

Make a donation of $10 USD or more to ThePeakPosse
JustGiving page. For every $10 USD increment, you will receive 1 raffle
‘ticket’. (Example: A $30 USD donation will receive 3 raffle ‘tickets’)

Note: Outside UK donors: if your card has been declined, we recommend choosing GBP as your currency, and then you will be able
to use PayPal.

Type a message in the ‘Leave a message’ box and include one of the following: your Twitter name or your email.
(one of these will be needed in order to contact you regarding your raflle ‘tickets’.)

IMPORTANT….Once your donation has gone through, tick the box alongside “I’m happy to be contacted by ThePeakPosse”. Justgiving can then share your contact details and we can contact you in order to send you your ‘ticket(s)’.

You will receive an email from ThePeakPosse@yahoo.com with the
applicable number of ‘tickets’ each time you make a donation in the amount of $10 USD or more is made to Cahonas Scotland.

To learn more about Cahonas Scotland and the signs, facts and myths of Testicular Cancer, please visitwww.cahonasscotland.com and follow @CahonasScotland on Twitter.

Good Luck! Thank you for your generosity!






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