Outlander Couples Then and Now… And Happy V Day!

What a day for us Outlander fans. More adorable memories (and some imaginary ones, ahem, Richard Rankin) from our lovely cast. I’ve also taken this opportunity to look at some photos from then (when these couples first came together), and now… First the video…

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Look at these two back in late summer, 2013 – fresh as spring daisies with no notion of what lay ahead. This is the first time they ever met, and they already look like old soulmates.

And here they are today, after countless hours of playing Jamie and Claire, and everything that goes with it! 

Here are Sophie and Richard – on Valentine’s Day, 2 years ago….

And our Roger and Bree in today’s post… (I don’t know, but I think she’s onto his egg story)

And then there’s César and Lauren… April 2017

Fergus and Marsali today… (adorable)

And last but not least… John Bell then (Sept 2016) (taking after his Uncle Jamie)

and now (sans his mate, Rollo)

But wait, we’re missing some couples!

What about Jenny and Ian?? Here they are back in the 1740’s  

And then 20 years later…


and Colum and Letitia? 

And well, these two ARE Roger’s ancestors… Graham and Lotte in 2014 

And let’s not forget this budding relationship… Mr. Willoughby and Margaret Campbell

Have I forgotten anyone??

(I’m not counting hook ups!) Sorry Murtagh and Suzette…?)


As Steven Cree once said, this story just gets bigger and bigger. Can’t wait to see everything unfold in Season 4! Happy Valentine’s Day xo


5 comments on “Outlander Couples Then and Now… And Happy V Day!

  1. Sam and Cat have spoiled us so much with their love and commitment , we have all become more affectionate with our spouces, more aware of how precious our time together is and for that , I think they should be commanded for. They are by far my favorite.

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  4. My favorite series is episode 1 with the highlanders and Jamie and Claire’s start of the love story. It was funny, so very romantic and the highlanders were the best. The scenery was beautiful. The most magical and sweet and sexy wedding I could ever imagine.
    The directors, writers, camera people and Cait an sam take a bow for making it all so sensual. I love murtagh and the new additions of Fergus and young Ian. Lovely actors. Murtagh is really so sweet and handsome. Fergus grows up to be such a handsome and appealing lad. I loved everyone in series 1 so much. Had to leave the room for blk jacks sadistic rape scene with jamie. So not necessary. I didn’t watch the rest of the episode. I get less and less found of outlander with roger and Bree taking over the lead romantic roles. Roger is good, handsome and funny. I just can’t get on with Bree. Neither can replace Claire and Jamie. They simply can’t replace such an iconic couple a d they keep trying to shove them in our faces. I’ve gotten thru episode 1 of series 5. Not at all interesting. Jamie just running around with some British soldier and Claire just cutting up dead bodies for her work. All the romance from them is gone. They both fail to be sexy anymore. The best part of the series was always their love affair. Claire needs to have an affair with another man to get Jamie’s attention and go into a jealous rage. Hell he’s gone all the time. We gotta get some excitement back into their love life cause Bree and roger aren’t doing it for me. Clair needs to have another child. Women can still have babies in their early 50’s. Stop making her look dumpy. She’s a most beautiful woman.

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