Outlander Is a Love Story, Not a Romance (sigh) They Get It…

I LOVE these guys. Matt and Toni, work husband and wife ? talk about what makes Outlander different. I love the care these two have for this production. (And I love that they’ve been to HAIR AND MAKEUP!! Did you ever think that would happen Matt Roberts??? You wouldn’t even show your face for the first season + hee hee hee).

Thanks for ALL you do Matt and Toni  x

(watch in enlarged screen, it’s fab!)



Below is another option for the video, if the above is not working for you (make sure to turn the volume up – icon on the far right bottom of screen) 

15 comments on “Outlander Is a Love Story, Not a Romance (sigh) They Get It…

      • The video from “another source” played, but it was silent, and
        there was no volume option in the bottom right (or anywhere else).

        • Well shoot, that’s frustrating, I’m so sorry. I am getting them both to play on my phone and laptop. Can you try another browser perhaps – so if you’re using chrome try safari or vice versa? Let me know…

      • I was able to watch the second one this morning. Thanks so much. This is spot on with how I have viewed her books and savor when the film can capture these little moments so precious to us. Her prose is amazing!!.

  1. They “get” what we want to see and feel. This series touches all the bases for me. I’m missing the Scotland scenery and the kilts because that’s my heritage, but looking forward to the next seasons, hopefully several until the story is told.

  2. Matt and Toni deeply understand these characters. They know the audience crave the scenes between Claire and Jamie. I believe they must sometimes be frustrated at having to shorten a Claire/Jamie scene because of time constraints. However, I think they have done a masterful job of adapting Diana’s lengthy novels.
    Since going beyond 13 episodes probably won’t ever happen again; I wish Sony/Starz would allow a 90 min. opening and closing of every season.

  3. We the fans have know all a long that it is the “Greatest Love Story” . I just wish the writers would have kept that in mind. This year there was too much about the “aging”, to much about everyone knowing she was a surgeon and too much about how Jamie was a criminal. When they first got back together the actors and the writers changed all the suspense by giving up Willie and I know Sam said that was his decision but it was a really bad one. Along with not reacting to the Bree’s pictures , well it set the tone for the season from then on.

  4. I love the story. I know it fiction but despite the fabulous story being told I cant help but feel that both the depthg of the JF and FR characters have been diminished. Both were written as very strong deep moral characters and you have diminished that and gave it all to Claire. Yes the story is hers…but she is telling the story of them being with her. All the characters are with her telling you of them. If I had to sum up the complaint I would have to say if Claire were really telling this story there would be too many “I’s” in your adaptation. Jamie became flighty..Frank a cheat…while in truth they both dug their heels in deep to live with just the memory of her.

  5. you do not have a grasp on any of it. you sensationalize the sex not the love . you are going for ratings and it SHOWS!!!!!!!!!! you and Matt you are so way way off. ( seriously goats blood/dracula??? what the hell were you thinking?!?) and Toni you screwed up from season one…the rock and not the initials the two of you ruined season 3l “WOEFULLY SHORT” !

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