Outlander Panel from Today’s NYCC 2021

Cover photo credit: Far Far Away Site

Here it is in case you missed the live stream – today’s Outlander panel from NYCC 2021. Enjoy…


Again, here’s the teaser trailer that was shown to the live audience today…


And from Matt, the art for the Season 6 – 

And, some of my favorite take aways…

Diana also said that Season 6 is her new favorite after Season 1!! Wow! That got me most excited!

And Maril confirmed that they’re already working on Season 7, and that it will start filming “next year.”

Season 6 is on the horizon – I look forward to seeing it, and being back in the swing with the BTS Lasses. 


Have a lovely rest of your weekend, and stay safe. xo

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8 comments on “Outlander Panel from Today’s NYCC 2021

    • I read that they are id tags because he rides a motorcycle, in case of an accident? Not sure that’s accurate but that’s what I read.

    • It is a stylized bear skull, given to Sam by the actor who portrayed the tribal leader Jamie visited while an Indian Agent during season 6…remember Jamie’s nickname was Bear Killer.

  1. Diana Gabaldon says that Season 6 is her favourite after Season 1!. Then Season 6 is definitely a must see. I loved Season 1 (my all time favourite. – Season 3 Voyager was close 2nd). Season 7 on the horizon – the good times are starting again. Thank you for sharing the above with us.

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