Outlander Panel NYCC – Madison Square Garden

And… here is the Outlander panel from last night, with surprise appearance by the woman without whom there would BE NO OUTLANDER … Here’s Ron, Maril, Sam, Cait, Sophie, Richard, and DIANA!!!

The video starts at about 1:22, so fast forward to that point! Enjoy

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12 comments on “Outlander Panel NYCC – Madison Square Garden

  1. Kudos to the moderator for steering that penultimate question away from the cast having to comment on current US politics. I could see from the look on Caitriona’s face that she did NOT want to open that particular can of worms. Who can blame her, or any of them? No matter what they say, they will be castigated by one ideological group or another. And if they opt not to answer, they get called craven and cowards and worse! Leave celebrities’ political opinions out of their promotional interviews, people!

    I love that little dropped spoiler about them ending the episode with the Ray Charles version of America the Beautiful! Like when they ended “Of Lost Things” with “It’s a Hard Rain Gonna Fall,” a bold choice!

    • Loved your comment! Yes, leave the politics out of the interviews – these interviews are not political forums – they are about promoting new upcoming shows and the amazing actors, directors, writers who create them.

    • I was appalled that someone was that thoughtless to ask such a question. Not the place or time for politics. Do not assume the cast and crew will affirm your view to be aired out in a public forum. Completely inappropriate to put them on the spot like that. Thankfully the moderator was on her game and deflected the awful question. Perhaps in the future, they can screen audience questions before they are asked?

  2. Ahhhh.. wonderful interviews have me hopeful for season four.

    Cant wondering what this cliffhanger they keep talking about at the end of the season would be, as there isnt really a cliffhanger at the end of Drums!

  3. I can not open this, because I live in Holland. I am really frustrated. At the bottom it says -31:20 and counting down, but there is no end to it

    • I live in Holland too and I can watch it. Did you try shifting the bar a bit to the right? The ‘intro’ is a bit long before you get to see them talk.

  4. Thanks again, That was just wonderful seeing the writer, Diana and the stars together. I love Outlander and I am waiting for the ninth book to read. This is where I go to get away from hardships in life and retreat from the political agenda. I thought it was not the place to bring up politics. Thanks again,

  5. Thank you for this gulp of Outlander liquor! Enjoyed seeing them all. And also appreciated Ron D. Moore’s dipliomatical answer to that weird question. We are talking about a TV series and nothing else. Let us be happy!

  6. And enjoy it I did as I enjoy all of your information concerning Outlander. I enjoyed the history recap from Diana, and I especially liked the love and friendship still seen with Cait and Sam. It should alleviate any doubts of their continuing love and friendship.

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