Outlander Season 1 Recap, by Saeed Jones #KiltDaddy

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On October 15th, Saeed Jones was home sick from work and decided to watch and live tweet the first season of Outlander. Who is Saeed Jones, you ask? According to Wikipedia, he’s an American poet whose debut collection Prelude to a Bruise was named a 2014 finalist for the National Book Critics Circle Award for poetry, and he is executive editor for culture at Buzzfeed.

Saeed cohosts a Buzzfeed News live morning show on Twitter, which aired for the first time last September (2017), and is gaining a massive following for its relaxed, authentic, humorous approach. They cover what’s happening in the world, and interact with followers regularly. In fact, Saeed’s hilarious live tweet of Season 1 of Outlander has earned the show (Am2DM) an interview with Sam, Richard, and Sophie (not sure why no Caitriona), which is scheduled to take place on Halloween (October 31st), here in the States. 

Here’s how it all happened; prepare to be extremely entertained…

I will issue this warning… Foul language and vulgarity ahead, if that’s not your thing, turn back now!  If you’re OK with that, proceed, and prepare to laugh, as Saeed succinctly and (ahem) gaily, recaps our beloved Outlander…


(He is a virgin after all, Saeed!)

#Flashbacks = #MorethanPorn! 


Say it with me guys, “…grinnen’ like a dog wi’ twa’ tails.”



Stay tuned for Season 2… #KiltDaddy


Source: Wikipedia

13 comments on “Outlander Season 1 Recap, by Saeed Jones #KiltDaddy

  1. Thank you for my morning giggles and laugh out louds!! You got Cait and Tobias interested in your tweets! #highfuckingfive I look forward to seeing more 🙂 Wait til you see the end of season two….

  2. I enjoyed this while it was happening. Thank you for having it in perfect order for me to enjoy again. Saeed Jones is brilliant! I hope everyone enjoyed it as it was intended. Mr. Jones just helped Outlander to get higher ratings. Bless him?

  3. Love it!! From Saeed to Connie Versacks (sp/=? – new last name, never can remember) … this show brings out the best of the best!!

  4. How wonderful! Thank you so much for posting it. I’m still laughing. No wonder Cait Tobias and Herself have tweeted him. More Please.

  5. this was FABULOUS as it unfolded! We begged Saeed to put the thread into book form and publish it. He’s a fresh voice and quite a welcome one in our insane atm world.

  6. I have been following him and love the narrative. Says it how it is ?
    He is using language that Diana had more or less used in the book at some point.

  7. Thank you so much for posting! I only caught some of it earlier this week. This guy’s a riot! I hope I can see his Halloween interview somehow! I also look forward to his Season 2 tweets.

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