Outlander Season 5 to Air in 2020…

Very big announcement today by Starz, which may or may not be well received. The drought will continue through the end of the year, and Season 5 will be released early next year. Here is their post on Facebook earlier today…

For my speculation on why this is so, please go to my post: OutlanderBTS Season 5 Updates & Insights, Diana in Scotland, Thoughts on Bees Release. Looks like we’ll be waiting a little longer than we hoped.

My request to the production team: Please make it worth our wait!!! 

Go here ➡️for more on Season 5.

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17 comments on “Outlander Season 5 to Air in 2020…

  1. Considering past seasons, I’m surprised anyone thought it was going to premier in 2019. I would’ve been more shocked if it had! I’m all for anything that keeps the actors happy and series produced. Still… Droughtlander… The deepest cut!

    • All my thoughts as well, Kimber.

      Then there is the “other Droughtlander”. I would be curious to know if any consideration has been given to the timing of the debut of “Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone” and its possible affect on the debut of, or run of Season 5. Personally, I’d like both to have their well-deserved time in the spotlight.

    • It would have been a squeeze, for sure. Considering Seasons 3 and 4 were put out in such a short timeframe (relative to how long it all takes), I am with you. I want them to keep going, and make it quality, vs. having it sooner. The drought continues!

  2. I was happy to see that Starz said the official return would be “Early” 2020. Hopefully, that means January or February. ?

    • I seem to remember reading that February is a good month to release shows, I can’t remember at the moment why that was, something to do with ratings. Fingers crossed indeed!

    • I was hoping Season 5 would be at the end of this year. However, January or February will be good – when we get bitterly cold weather here in Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada), and the wind howls and the snow blows – I would love to curl up on my sofa and watch Outlander – over and over. So, I am all for Season 5 in January/February if we can’t see Season 5 sooner.

  3. Today I met with a couple of Obsessanachs. One predicted early spring for season five release! I’m looking forward to Bees before the end of the year. So excited for both!

  4. Yes, quality writing please. Do it right! Sam and Cait both look great as Claire and Jamie!

    I keep saying Bees for Christmas!

  5. I’m pleasantly surprised to hear “early spring”…..I really thought it might be later.
    And I’m also hoping for “Bees” for Christmas!?

  6. I believe the time you took to ruminate re Mr Hirsch’s er less than flattering assessment re the series stars and the fan base was well-spent, Court! Lovely reaction piece and spot on! Thank you for yet another of the thoughtful and respectful articles we have come to expect from you. I admire your maintaining the high ground and not lapsing into any of the profane replies I was tempted to make. (As you are aware, we post premiums must have little control of our bowels and our vowels, as well as only watching for the beefcake to keep our hearts ticking? (See, I can’t turn off my snark!!??) You rep us well. X

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