Outlander Season 6 Bloopers!

Here is a preview of the Season 6 bloopers from the Season 6 dvd/ Blu-ray, available today!


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Did you see this recent Q&A with Diana…


Diana Q&A, Bees News, and Book 10 Excerpt


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Source: TV Insider

3 comments on “Outlander Season 6 Bloopers!

  1. Oooohh, I WISH season 6 was different.
    It is such a disappointment.

    The continuing marginalization of Jamie’s character (so unlike who he is/was written as!) and just the waste of valuable screen time and character development in that trite off-character ether escapism storyline….and the consequent lack of all the amazing stuff in Book 6 that *could have* been there instead.

    And Jamie has all but disappeared, aside from some token manly poses and reassuring words. His listening scene when Claire opens up was fairly Ok. But real Jamie would have been there and been like that all along. Claire would not have self medicated with a substance. With work, yes. Not a chemical. (It makes no difference to me what other folks would do. Yes some would self medicate. But I’m in the medical field too. There are folks who have chemical addiction, and those who don’t. People are different. Claire doesn’t cope that way. She’s a workaholic, if anything…making her do that, and in the WAY it happened, just because it’s a societal issue is a betrayal).

    What is going on with the Outlander series?!

    Who is making these awful decisions?

    And why is the emotional and physical intimacy between these two characters so passed over? That IS what Outlander is about!
    It’s not about Claire. It’s about Jamie and Claire.

    I understand the series cannot be the same as the book.

    But it’s not too much to expect that the focus on both Jamie and Claire’s actual true characters be maintained….and Diana does not stray from actual real portrayal.
    The tv series is doing more and more glossing over raw stuff, veering away from those in depth character moments, and venturing into trendy issues and sensationalism at the expense of real character and real story.
    Claire, who is an eternally fascinating and at times a maddening character in the book, has become a perpetually worried character without humor.
    Not appealing and not truthful, to boot.
    I used to admire her so much in the series. I used to admire Jamie too.

    There is a great reason that Season 1 was so incredibly successful. And 1st half of Season 3. It’s not just the early relationship. It’s the great storylines, the truly awesome, intricate character points, the truly amazing acting, the creativity, and frankly, they stuck to who Jamie and Claire were. They stuck to the story themes. They stuck to the emotional depth. Of both characters. The emotional depth of All the characters, actually. The Lord John scenes are awe inspiring throughout, but most especially in season 3.

    I can only hope, fervently, that Ian ends up being portrayed as the truly beautiful amazing character that he turns out to be (in the books), in this upcoming series. 🙏

    I’m so sad about all of this. It’s such a waste of an opportunity to tell an incredible tale 😢

    [I’m sorry if my comments give offense to others. That’s not my intent. I know these are controversial subjects.]

    • Hi Tufty – all respectfully expressed comments are welcome. Thanks for leaving yours.

      Have you watched our Season 6 discussions? If not, you might enjoy those. We all thought Season 6 was more of a return to the story and characters (as compared to Season 4, for example). Except Ep 606 which did mute the Jamie character. I personally thought a lot of character strengths were communicated via Jamie’s restraint in S6. I agree with you about S1 & the first half of Season 3!

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