OutlanderBTS: 2018 Golden Globes, Sam & Cait at W Magazine Pre-party

Photo: ET Sam and Cait at W Mag GG preparty

Most of you probably know by now that our Caitriona Balfe is nominated for a Golden Globe for best TV Drama Actress, which is fabulous. The awards ceremony is tomorrow (Sunday) evening (8pm East Coast, 5pm Pacific) on NBC. Cait is so very talented, and it’s wonderful to see her recognized by her industry. We’ll be rooting for you Cait!!

Sam and Cait were both in attendance at W Magazine‘s Celebration of its ‘Best Performances’ Portfolio and the Golden Globes party at the Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles this past Thursday night. Here is a short video of them, being their usual down to earth selves. Cait may wear a plastic bag to the awards ceremony tomorrow night – and if so, it will apparently be a black one. ? Whoever did Sam’s hair for this event – kudos.

I’ll bring you more coverage tomorrow. Happy New Year! And a shout out to my PATRONS – I appreciate you! xo

Source: ET Desiree Murphy

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  1. Thanks for posting! A few technical difficulties, but saw it at last. These two are as adorable as ever, and agree with your kudos to Sam’s hairdresser. Looking good, Sam!

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